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  1. simo.elbouqi


    Hello, my Galaxy J1 ace SM-J110F start with screen of Odin mode; I downloaded 4 files to repair it, but the flash process stops in nand write start, even i changed Odin version please help thank you
  2. simo.elbouqi

    iphone 4 unlock

    is there any possibility to unlock iphone4 ?
  3. simo.elbouqi

    G510-0100 firmware

    i did not try any custom ROM
  4. simo.elbouqi

    G510-0100 firmware

    it does work.thank you. but i still have the same problem; i swich the WIFI on , but it does not work . what should i do?
  5. simo.elbouqi

    G510-0100 firmware

    thank you so much for your help. i will try it. If it does not work, i will tell you. thank you
  6. simo.elbouqi

    G510-0100 firmware

    thank you very much for reply. i have the following versions: G510-0100, Android 4.1.1, EMUI 1.0, V100R001C432B198 G510-0100 V100R001C479B193 where can i find B199 or B2oo
  7. simo.elbouqi

    G510-0100 firmware

    hello I need your help, please. I downloaded many firmwares, but none of them does work. i found this G510-0100v100r001c432b198 and so many other version but i need this G510-0100V100R001C432B197

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