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  1. This phone is just trash. I've had a lot of Android devices, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, LG etc and i've never once had a problem getting full root with r/w system. On this phone i get root just not r/w permissions, which means Xposed/Adaway is a no go. I've followed all guides on here and none have worked. No idea where to turn to next, may be back to the shop to take the phone back.
  2. If i use TWRP to change build.prop won't the changes reset on system boot?
  3. Are you able to edit build.prop to make the phone stop lagging? I can't do that. Also Adaway doesn't work after a reboot (i still get ads) because it can't write to hosts file.. If so how did you achieve it?
  4. I have a SU6 which i bought last week and ive now found out even though its rooted, my system is still read only, meaning Xposed doesn't work. I need xposed. I wonder if all newer SU6 are write protected or if its random.. i can get a replacement device if its random and hope i get lucky. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. I've spent the last 5 hours trying to root this device to no avail. Tried everything i can find on the internet, and i could do with some help. What is my next option for getting this rooted? Also when i flash update.zip via stock recovery it makes me put my gmail account back in as it says its been factory rest, this isn't re-installing the ROM again.. how do i fully delete the rom then re-install it so i can skip putting in google details? Also how would i update/reinstall recovery without root?
  6. How did you sort it? I have the constant reboot, like you did. Thanks!
  7. Just got this device, and cannot seem to get temporary root access via kingroot or mobilego. What can i do now?
  8. Hi. Has the haptic feedback on the soft keys been fixed yet? That's the only thing stopping me from using this rom. :(
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