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  1. Do you have any other link?I cant download from this link it says the files are no longer available
  2. by the way guys I used the portugal and turkey zip from modaco and ztedevice.com but still nothing happens...help guys
  3. I dont know if this would help but I think you should update you device. Go to settings->about phone->update software->online update
  4. can i have something for ireland?thank you
  5. i had irish rom then, after i flashe the stock recovery, i thought it was for ireland but it was for uk but it still is workin but i want to revert it back to irish recovery. it always says footer is wrong or failed to verify whole file signature.
  6. btw, how can i flash this to my phone?tnx...i got stock recovery here
  7. tnx skirttles i will try this later...
  8. the problem is that my phone is always on recovery mode T_T and it wont boot normally. I think the zte file for my phone is corrupted i downloaded it from the zte site but after i extract it, it says corrupted csc file. can i at least have a decent rom mirror for ireland anyone? pls
  9. i tried to install the twrp img but it always say E:failed to verify whole system file or e: footer is wrong
  10. i think i was rooted but then i change my recovery to stock 'coz i want to unroot my phone, then i installed the update.zip of the latest update. and thats what happened it bricked. my phone always goes back to recovery mode even if i reboot it
  11. Hi, my vodafone su6(IE) is bricked, everytime i turn it on, it keeps going back to recovery, btw im on stock recovery, pls help. PS I tried to flashed the stock rom/stock recovery/twrp image file but it always says E: footer is wrong E:verification signature fails or E: failed to verify whole-file signature
  12. E: failed to verify whole file signature E: signature verification failed installation aborted ???
  13. hi is it okay to use UK(VDF-995NB01-UK03c)recovery eventhough my fone from ireland?how can i revert to stock recovery, i kept on flashing irish recovery but it says failed verification signature. Pls help tnx
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