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  1. It kinda doesn't charge anymore. It gets to the point of charge if you push it really hard, but only for a fraction of a second. Anyone had same issue and solved it without soldering?
  2. Cool! Thanks so much for all the support. I managed to do it with !tested not working! method, and it worked. :)
  3. Thanks for responding! :) I have win7, and slimkat 9.1 Legacy, is rooted and has USB debugging enabled. I have minimal adb systemwide installed. Yes, I've tried with the picture you posted up there. So here is the thing: when I try to just open first item on menu, it pops that issue. Only hwadb.exe is activated at the moment in TaskManager. So this doesn't seem to work as it should. Next I typed adb devices in CMD, and my device showed up. It said something about previous adb being too old and it killed it(I guess hwadb.exe). Now, my the app obviously detects phone and opens the window in which I can select my image. I used quite short /dir route. I pressed okay, and then he pops once again that issue you posted, as if I wasn't using adb devices command. I even tried killing adb.exe midway in second scenario, but it just popped again. Next, I tried it on other PC, which doesn't have adb installed. Same issue, it just pops that window on first press of menu item. Quite strange... Perhaps I miss some drivers I ought to have?
  4. @adeii Hmm, I connect my phone, selected a picture, checked if ADB sees him (he did), and pressed okay. He starts something with 3 dots on the end, I guess doing something, and then pop error in which I can only understand ADB XD Help?
  5. I installed U8833 9.1 legacy version from your folder, and GPS works okay, rom is fast and stable, but is missing FM radio... I tried your zip flash, and i get the app, together with FM transmiter but it keeps crashing :( Does it need some libs, or something like that? Thanks in advance.
  6. @adeii I installed SlimKat-u8951-4.4.4.build.9.1-UbetTC49-Legacy, and flashed gps fix, but it doesn't work on my Y300. I use microG with Mozilla and Nominatim. Tested it with some gps test app, no response... Did I do something wrong? Also, does lcd density affect speed?
  7. Is it possible to make your phone use only certain amount of screen, let's say 60 percent? Or so to say make it ignore upper half, put a margin, and change resolution. If yes, is there such an app? EDIT: did it via adb with wm overscan command, nevermind, delete topic
  8. You proceed to acquire code via this Huawei site : https://emui.huawei.com/en/plugin/unlock/detail Account is needed.
  9. I see, are you able to retrieve product ID from that phone? If not check this app, it should work okay. Huawei_Product_ID_Generator.zip
  10. Have you acquired the bootloader unlock code, or you didn't? I couldn't quite understand.
  11. Yeah, but replacing eMMC chip is no small feat without proper equipment.. Have you managed to succeed? Anyway, sorry for offtopic, atleast part about unlocking could be useful. :)
  12. Seems cool and useful, AVG antivirus is retarted, so it reports it as virus unfortunatly.. I would like to write about my experience while unlocking Huawei G510-0200. I got it from a friend for free, since it "kept posting errors". Then I tried to reinstall firmware, no use. It couldn't post product ID. Then I found some Huawei ID generator, it worked, and I got my unlock code via Huawei site. Afterwards, I tried to unlock it, but no luck. It goes okay on after unlock command, reboots, and stops there. As it seems, eMMC is damaged, and is read only. Hence it doesn't save that bootloader has been unlocked. Anyway, it was pain in the *** to find that product ID without typing code, so yeah, if anyone has same issue, may this be your guide.
  13. Judging by content, it should repair FM problems. And it doesn't have MicroG preinstalled, but it has system spoofing - you don't need FakeGapps module in order to run it.
  14. That update puts me in dilemma now. XD Is OctOs similiar roms in the back, and just aestetheticly different, and which one do you suggest in terms of performance, if they are?
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