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  1. @KonstaT Wasn't you maybe trying to port 3.10 kernel to this device?
  2. Guys can't you do something at urself? Even check basic compatibility between phones? z970 has other cpu and soc, so it will not work I can't find n9518 at gsmarena OTG is not supported with kernel (so will not work with this rom) and probably by hardware
  3. I just need a base for LXC, I bought this used phone for about 10$ and want to create a little server from it ;D cm13 was eating more RAM and blocked some routing stuff at USB tethering This phone is also much more powerful than raspberry pi and it's cheaper in my country (Poland - Polkometel sells it for 1PLN (about 0.25$) with their phone plans = many people are selling it really cheap).
  4. Thank you very much for help, own build is working great ;) EDIT: omg, thats huuge
  5. JuniorJPDJ

    zte kis 3 how to go to stock, need help

    You can extract stock recovery image from downloaded image, then you can flash it and next flash stock ;) Btw. why you want to use stock? It sux :D
  6. May I also ask you, which partition exactly am I looking for? I can't see any not mounted big partition in fdisk -l /dev/block/mmcblk0
  7. K, I'm a bit blind, sorry. Actually there was similar "how to build" in device tree at your github, but it looked to me too little complicated, I had to ask... What I need to change in source to make internal SD mount in /storage/sdcard0 (and ofc external sd as sdcard1)? I've kis3, not open c
  8. I want to compile entire ROM, I saw repositories in your first post, what I need to compile, in which order and how to make it flashable zip?
  9. Never mind, actually sdcard died in my eyes...
  10. Hi, why when i start cm11 it automatically unmounts my sdcard, the same when i click to mount it or put it in, it's being mounted, and then automatically unmounted
  11. Can you reupload? I'm getting file with 0 size
  12. JuniorJPDJ

    ZTE Kis 3 / ZTE Open C stock ROMs

    So there is something wrong with my phone. I had no working android and no working sdcard so i flashed recovery generated from polish polkometel update.zip using dd in QHSUSB_BULK mode. ..and i forgot to do backup C: Tried to flash cwm, twrp, generated stock and some stock recoveries from first post. Also Open C flasher cant recognise my phone and eMMC flasher from QPST is saying that device timed out :C EDIT: NVM, unbricked, one of this recoveries given me working fastboot, then I booted twrp and flashed cm13, thanks for help anyway ;)
  13. JuniorJPDJ

    ZTE Kis 3 / ZTE Open C stock ROMs

    Can someone give me raw dd image of recovery partition?
  14. JuniorJPDJ

    ZTE Kis 3 / ZTE Open C stock ROMs

    I bricked my Kis 3, is there a way how to boot into fastboot without having working device? I tried power + vol down and it just doesn't do anything :C I've overwritten recovery in download mode without making backup... Debugging is turned off

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