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  1. Because i thought that's the only one it will work, no other reason. I needed apparently B892 or B896 from those two, but i coudn't find. So i tried to do the B952 ICS, and it actually worked for some reason :D But now i have a new problem, touchscreen for ICS won't work, probably because it needs firmware update for it (i have an option for that in recovery mode). The thing i can't find it anywhere, maybe i downloaded not completed version of ICS ?
  2. I've tried that one, when phone tries to install it, it says update failed. I probably need B886, i found a thread here, but as usual, links are not working:
  3. Actually what do you get when you do the backup ? And what is your baseband (2030 or 109808) and android system?
  4. I am not sure you can do it like that. Unless you have a folder named dload with UPDATE.APP in it, it's not going to work, same as you install some app and you want to send installation file. Thanks for trying to help me though :)
  5. Can someone upload the stock rom of Gingerbread 2.3.6 for g300, i am trying to find it everyone on internet but all links are down.
  6. I followed various tutorials on how to first root device, then unlock bootloader then install ClockworkMod recovery and then install custom ROM. In all those tutorials i coudn't find a proper link to download those programs to do those stuff, because links are outdated and are not working. The only thing i managed, i think i managed i am not even sure, is to root phone since i have SuperSU showed up in menu. Can you help me about this issue ? EDIT: Something apperently went wrong, now the phone is in boot loop, and nothing but volume + and - and power together works, and then it shows pink screen. How can i put it back in original state?
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