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  1. Hi Rhen, I know this sounds a bit late but I have an old Huawei G300+ U8815-71 that I want to breath new life into. I installed Dazzozo's CM11 along with your GApps & delete-CM-stuff-20150313-signed.zip on another Huawei G300 back in the day but it died sadly and I lost all the installation files. I was able to redownload Dazzozo's [KK] [4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 [ROM] but the download link https://goo.gl/u7ZwTP for delete-CM-stuff-20150313-signed.zip which allows for enough partition space no longer works. This was my first ever phone and it remains very sentimental to me. If you still have the file can you please update the link on the thread or send me a new one please. Thanks in advance.
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