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  1. a guy at work tried to order one on thursday. he was told that there are none in any stores nearby for pickup but to wait as a new vega will be out in three weeks
  2. I got the official vega case from pcworld. Saw it on offer in store for £12. can't fault it that much. Currently holds it nicely and even has my daughters kindle in the pouch sometimes too. only wish it stood up better
  3. really? I hated it at first but actually apart from when trying to read an ebook in the wrong light i have got used to it
  4. I'd used LCD DENSITY FOR ROOT earlier but what I find is that as soon as i set a new size (140) and then restart the vega the wifi stops working. As soon as i set it back to default the wifi is fine work that one out! :)
  5. you're all guessing and getting in a flap about it. :) you're worse than a rumour site for mac fans B)
  6. have been using the beta1 since release and have to say....it's a bloody good beta! a few issues but nothing that's not been reported already but i just wanted to pass on my huge thanks for doing such a grand job with HC already. The novelty value of my vega had worn off but with HC on it I know it'll make it my top gadget again
  7. Do you connect using a WEP? My router as a wep and i get stuck in the same wifi loop but turn off wep and it connects
  8. ok worked out that if your router has a WEP then it won't connect. take off the WEP then it'll connect to tinternet
  9. although having wifi problems. stuck in an obataining ip address loop
  10. I got stuck in a boot loop so I did this above and it sorted it so can suggest others follwo suit. cheers!
  11. been using it all day. i like it! for an Alpha it's pretty good i'd say yes a few glitches but i am impressed. now only if email worked
  12. There won't be enough power in the machine to edit raw AVHCD files. That's a lot of data to be bundling into an editing suite. I'm not aware of any app at present that can do anything like that, especially with that codec. You could look at Clesh video editor on the market. Not free but may help with some editing you need.
  13. i like all the apps. keyboard is a bit odd to get used to but will keep at it for a while. Calendar is great, just wish it wouldn't crash when adding a new event
  14. where can we get these separately?
  15. it does look pretty, has to be said
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