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  1. Does this ROM come with the option to use your SD card as adoptable storage? Seems pretty stupid to have everything being saved to the phone's memory since I have a 16GB microSD card inserted with no option to move ANYTHING to the SD card.
  2. Still no update, pretty sure they just don't care anymore. I'm also waiting for this to be fixed, not to mention the addition of VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and Quick Charge 2.0 3 things this phone supports it with no problem yet they are disabled.
  3. So, there's still no way to root the device and install TWRP? Now with the kernel already released it should be a breeze no?
  4. I asked Vodafone and they said no, which is stupid since it's printed on the back of the box.
  5. The stock camera app, there's no option. Same goes for messenger and WhatsApp.
  6. Oh God, this. I'm also having the same problem since my phone's motherboard was replaced.
  7. Am I the only one who can't access the front camera? There's no option at all.
  8. I have no idea of what's going on but I have purchased from 2 sellers on ebay and both came out with the right answer, they couldn't find the code. I double checked my IMEI to make sure I'm not making any mistakes but nope, they haven't found a code for it. I bought from a 3rd seller, hopefully this one will do, about the others I'm getting a refund.
  9. http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/378243-android-marshmallow-coming-to-ultra-6/
  10. https://mega.nz/#F!3dwFiT5S!XiESHfSxKAu93AmcEDEqjg Dumped by Skrittles.
  11. Not to mention I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3 device while waiting for my Ultra 6 to be repaired and although this is a 2012 device and it doesn't have neither OGL 3.1 nor Vulkan, I still managed to install Nougat.
  12. It won't, its the NB02DE01 recovery that concerns me.
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