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  1. Yeah, I have selected MTP in developer options, and have disabled debugging. Running Windows 10 which could be the issue if 7 is working for you. Yeah very confused about the camera thing. Would there be a way to determine if there's a correlation between the issue and the 'model' the person has? Maybe values in their stock build.prop or something? Is there an official difference between the two versions that someone could discern?
  2. Hmm, windows detection still being temperamental for me. I wonder what causes some people's cameras to work and others not...
  3. Cheers @nutsda DRM function definitely working, Netflix running smoothly, many thanks :) MTP still not working on Windows, I see you incorporated some of the usb build.prop code, which made it work for me last build, but this time it's not doing anything... Main Camera still not functioning, definitely due to the ROM after testing with stock software. Thanks for the fixes so far though
  4. @Karb10 Message me privately, not related to thread
  5. @Karb10 I haven't had an echo problem. My phone did overheat the first time, but a reboot sorted that out. Maybe reinstall the ROM
  6. @nutsda Nothing popping up there related to camera.
  7. @nutsda No idea of this is enough. Definitely some camera related errors in here though, I exported this from your suggested app, recording it from the GApps camera app opening and crashing: https://pastebin.com/rbmKYPjz
  8. @nutsda Thank you man, cheers for your hard work <3 P.s. do you have any idea what the camera issue is? I've tried poking around but with my very limited experience I have no clue...
  9. @johndoe555 @zwho @nutsda I think I've fixed the usb problem. Paste the following into your build.prop file and reboot, it worked for me. I got them from the stock ROM's build.prop. Also enable MTP on the usb settings you get on notification bar persist.sys.usb.config=diag,serial_smd,rmnet_bam,adb ro.sys.usb.default.config=diag,serial_smd,rmnet_bam,adb persist.sys.usb.config=cdrom
  10. yeah I had the same experience as you, the realy old version of Netflix from their websites apk works, but nothing newer. It definitely did back on stock 5.1, so I guess this is the play store detecting the modified ROM in some way. I've reverted lots of the build.prop values to their stock setting, partly to trick Safety Net, but also in case it solved Netflix issue, but no luck there.
  11. Can anyone who has LineageOS, but isn't rooted try to download Netflix? The problem I'm having could be because the ROM makes Netflix think the phone is incompatible, rather than the root. (I've tried using magisk to hide the root, which was successful, so I don't think this is the issue) Known problems: Front camera software fault, 'can't connect to camera' USB computer connection difficulties, not recognizing phone as a storage unit *Possibly app incompatibility/ play store restrictions that shouldn't exist Overall though very good port so thanks @nutsda
  12. @johndoe555 Are you having problems with the camera? Also could you explain how you solved the usb connection problem to me in more detail? Thanks!
  13. @nutsda I've got 14.1 running with magisk, and I pass both aspects of SafetyNet. However, Netflix isn't appearing in Play Store and says it's incompatible when I load it from apk. Could you confirm whether Netflix works for you or if anyone else running 14.1 can confirm whether it works? Also having troubles with USB connection to computer, not showing files despite phone being unlocked and MTP selected.
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