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  1. Many times, your android devices have problem and you aren’t able to install an app. In such cases, we can use ADB Android Device Bridge to push our apps or install them via USB Cable Connected to your computer. It is fact that this method works on all Androi devices and available for Window, Max OS X and Linux. Remember, before you do these steps, your device need to enable to developer options & USB Debugging; install Android ADB &Fastboot driver apk file of android app which you intend to install.( for source of apk file, I recommend http://choilieng.com , google play) Step1: Copy the apk file to the ADB Directory: this step is optional if you are using Compact ADB. However, for other versions, copy them to your “adb.exe”file. If Compact ADB “C:\Compact ADB &Fastboot”. Next, open ADB/Command Prompt in “run as administrator” with administrative Priveledges Step2: Pushing the APK to the Android Phone: · Connect your Android Phone using USB Cable to your computer. · Type in the command “adb devices” and hit the Enter / Return Key. push our Apk to Android Phone by typing the command “adb install <apk-filename.apk>” You’ll get” success” message if you install the app apk on your android successfully. If not, check Signature on your Android Phone & Press the “OK” button. There are many methods for doing this but in my opinion, this is the most simple. I and my friends do it successfully. I am here and you can share your method. Thanks in advance! (cited: install-android-apps-apk-computer-adb-usb-method)

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