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  1. Paul, glad you attempted this. All my searches for adoptable S5 storage lead here. Had some issues with this on S5. After following the procedure carefully to partition my entire 64GB UHS1 to adoptable, I'm not noticing the effects of adopted storage. FreeSpace doesn't show an adopted storage partition, and instead lists the SD card as having the same size as the internal disk (16GB)! The system storage menu no longer shows a separate SD card section and looks similar to yours, so I know something did happen from this process. But I still see a distinction between internal and SD storage. Many apps still install to internal only. Amazon instant video for example resides on internal, will only download to internal, and errors out when internal storage is full (even when SD card is empty). Pretty sure I did this right, any chance something's odd about S5? My process below: Thanks, Mike
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