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    ZTE Blade 3 spontaneously bricked

    It's a Blade 3 for sure, and the mod was most probably CM11 although I have no way to verify now that the phone is dead.
  2. bonpoilu

    ZTE Blade 3 spontaneously bricked

    No, you're right, it was stable right from the beginning so I just forgot about it and can't remember which version I installed. It was in fact probably Cyanogenmod 11. But it's probably not related to the fact the device doesn't work now, as you wrote it might just be a hardware failure.
  3. Hello, My phone is a ZTE Blade III purchased in France that had been running a version of Cyanogenmod for 2 years without a problem. I was just using it normally, just installed this mod when I got it and never tampered again with its hardware or software. Yesterday I plugged my phone to charge, saw the red light as usual, and went to bed. During the night I happen to wake up, see the green light meaning it's fully charged, and sleep again. Today, as I wake up the phone has no light, I unplug it and try to power it up but it won't. Tried to keep the power on button for several seconds (sometimes the phone would just not power up and this would make it power up), doesn't work. So as I heard about hard reset, soft reset etc, I try to find this kind of information for my phone on internet and end up on modaco where it seems most questions about this phone are being answered. So far I tried power and + for a minute, power and - for a minute, power and + and - for a minute, then I reinstalled the driver package on my computer, and tried holding + and - while plugging the USB cord with or without battery, all these don't work for me. Plugging the phone to the charger has no effect, no light. It looks like the device is not powered at all. Basically it is the definition of a brick. Is it a brick ? Or is there a way to revive it ? Thanks for any help ! PS : interestingly, when I plug it to USB, a RELINK HS-USB QDloader 9008 (COM5) device appears in my "Printers and Devices" menu on Windows, but I guess it's just USB hardware on the phone and it doesn't mean the rest of the hardware is OK..

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