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  1. U just need to flash the tampered rom on google drive and the kernel for the camera fix, if u want to use gapps, flash them too with the keyboard fix zip. I ALL WORKS FOR ME NOW, EVEN 5MPX CAM I only have the video playback issue and the battery life isn't good
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/42uslyid6dfkmgy/Slim6-Y300-kernel-fix.zip?dl=0heres the kernel for the camera, i just flashed it with the link rom Google Drive that you uploaded and it all works
  3. Heeeey, would you like to try flashing the older kernel suggested up here on this topic? When you record videos it is superb but when taking pictures itlaggs, other than that, it IS FINALLY WORKING PERFECT. (ly)
  4. slim6updyeah, camera works? doesnt crash? I downloaded the laat slim6update from mega and calls work but camera crashes
  5. You unpacked and substituted the files by using the android phone or via pc?
  6. OMG, I really want to try this but I'm not sure how, I remember I tried the slim6 rom but I had a problem with the calls that I could not be heard. I'll try to do what you managed to and see if it works for me since I really love this rom except for that problem
  7. I have a huawei y300-0100 and its old phone. I lost the original charger and I'm using one tgat is 1.A or 0.1A is that ok? the battery is 1752mh or something like that. I'm wordering if that's a good charger becauae the battery doesnt last much. like 2hours and I dont use it much. help
  8. I have been using this rom and it's wonderful; but the battery drain is awful; I can't do much and I don't know why. I bought a new battery cuz I thought it was damaged but... idk, it's still the same
  9. Hey, my sister gave my this phone and I've been flashing several roms since I first got it. I'm not sure about how much the battery life of this phone is but it doesn't last much in my case. How about yours? Which rom do you have on your huawei y300-100 and how's the battery life? I only use whatsapp, instagram, fb lite and messenger lite, that's all. I'd play videogames but not all the time since my battery seems to be damaged. Is it normal that in normal use the battery lasts around 1 hour? I don't think it is, but maybe ''since it's a smartphone''. Tell me about your experience with the battery life, I really need to know (I'm buying a new battery for this phone depending on your answers) Help.
  10. is the battery life of this rom good? do I need to flash a kernel? the battery life is like the stock?
  11. I need a better battery life, by using du batery saver and greenify will it become better? Should I change the kernel to synopsys? help. I've got stock b209 on my huawei y300, is this rom better in battery life?
  12. -At first I had a problem with the adaptative brightness, I turned it off but it didn't work; I rebooted and now it's fixed... -I absolutely love it because apparently there's no video playback decoding issues...I recorded several videos with opencamera and the stockcamera and the play correctly, that hadn't happened before when people said there were hardware decoding issues but whatever, but it's only because of the gallery app, mayve in other apps the videos won't work properly? -I'm still testing the rom because I want to use it daily, but I need to test the performance with more apps installed (social apps mostly) and more importantly, the battery life--- -I'll post any bug or whatever pops out. -Thanks,
  13. May anyone share the download link for lunatic pandora or the roms shows in this website ? the links are all dead http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=617577
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