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  1. Good morning, Konstat I have tried this option. My keyboard in the original Remix worked correctly, did not drain the battery but once I close it on the tablet wake up after a while opening windows. I have renamed the LIZHICHIP_USB_Keyboard.idc and SINO_WEALTH_USB_KEYBOARD.idc files to .old but it does not fix it. That way the tablet wakes up with the keyboard, which is what I want, but when I close it I have the problem again. After a while the windows open again, only when I close the keyboard on the tablet. Are there any settings that can fix the problem? I have checked that no key is stuck or pressed or touch the tablet in any way. I also disabled the touchpad before closing it. None of these things work. Maybe modifying some of the .idc files? Thank you very much in advance.
  2. It works like a charm! Home button works perfectly and sensitivity is great too (as on cm 12.1) Great job again @KonstaT
  3. Clean install on my chuwi hi10 pro All is ok but tactil it isn´t as responsive as cm 12.1. I have to press a little more than in cm12.1 version Thanks @KonstaT
  4. Last versions of hi10 pro with new Intel cherry z3500 didn't have remix and instead they had included stock Android. Maybe it will be useful for [email protected]
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