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  1. Solved it, was a wrong bios setting, which I tried days before to improve slow sleep awake issue. Without sd card it is fast, but with sd card, its slow. Regardsless fat32 or exfat or even raw, without any format
  2. Hmm, I also have exfat sd card. I will check this out, thanks for your hint :) EDIT: Didn't worked, formatted whole sd card to fat32, still slow wake up from standby
  3. Unfortunately on my HI10 Pro still no difference. It still wakres slowly up from standby :(
  4. I uploaded the version 2017-09-13: https://mega.nz/#F!R0821JbT!3sv0sYWEsEhpZGH6WqNbXQ The difference here is that the device is default not rooted. If you want root, you need to install addonsu-13.0-x86-signed.zip. I will upload a zip file which replaces Home-Key with Back-key. All my thanks to Konstat, who helped me everytime.
  5. Intel stopped the development of Android for their Atoms. So you have no chance to get any dual boot with Nougat or even Marshmallow
  6. Here is an app to switch to Windows for Android. Just flash it in recovery. It requires root. switch_to_windows_app.zip
  7. I don't have the device and I'm a novice. I pulled the changes, I'm sure Konstat will include it into the next update or upload seperate update.
  8. https://review.lineageos.org/#/q/status:merged+AND+branch:cm-12.1,n,z There are no updates since january
  9. Here is a fix for the Windows Button in Android. Before it got multiple triggered, which caused multiple actions and assigning long press didnt worked, now it works. You can now also use it as Back key. Its currently only for H10 Pro: http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/SLskdiiZ/file.html Just flash it in Recovery.
  10. Is it difficult to build a x64 build? I'm interested because Hi10 Pro & Plus have 4GB RAM. We could also use the sources of lenovo, so my hope we have a stable Android build with no deep sleep issue and selinux.
  11. I extracted it, was not a default system.img. It was sparsed system.img. My Internet is not so fast, therefore I will upload system dump & boot.img
  12. i found the stock firmware for yoga. what is required? System.img or boot.img or system dump :D Medion is not responsible for the firmware (developing & building it), so they don't really know unfortunately.
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