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  1. I dont know for hi12, but for vi10 plus cm12.1 is just smooth. Linage have small annoying things like very sensitive power botton and slow wake up. Small things i know, but Cm12.1 is just perfect.
  2. I actually got a random reboot today, the only one i months. Its appenrently still possible. Nothing can cure Chuwi tablet 100% from crashing 😄 Still Vi10plus is the fantastic bargain thanks to KonstaT.
  3. Now when I see your answers I can clearly remember that i have seen them before. Sorry. I just leave things as they are. If it aint broken dont fix it. Still having very nice tablets ☺
  4. Where do we use Drm widevine? Just asking because i do not know, and dont know anything about widevine other than it's about playing protected files.
  5. Link for Vi10plus Remix rom if you still need it https://mega.nz/#!whNkFSAB!B2PbvjY9t7Vy6xgIWEa4a1htiIzk7nqNpMOT7JYC1wI
  6. I would say this: without KonstaT's rom it's worthless as a android tablet, but with his rom it a steal and worth every penny ;-) Only thing is the speakers, they dont start any party. I would say they are only ok.
  7. Yes, gpt from stock Remix rom. Not sure if using update option in flash tool would do it, otherwise flash with recover option and it should work.
  8. Before KonstaT made the kernel fix for us Chuwi owners i tried flashing X98 plus rom on my vi10plus. Result: screen uptime down, no Rotation, no audio. So i think not.
  9. If this work is not worth a donation, Remix or not, then nothing will ever be. Tomorrow i will donate a little (again), because KonstaT got me into christmas mood last friday ;-) Remember if it wasnt for KonstaT you/we would all own the worlds most expensive paper weights.
  10. I can only confirm that this is working and working very well. I will get freezes in no time, but as soon as i flash your kernel there is no more freezing :-) I have been running the weekend with kernel flashed and no freezes. And that is on both my vi10plus. I cant thank you enough.
  11. Fantastic news Konsta T :-) I will flash asap when i come home and let you know how things are going. You are the man. For the keyboard wake issue, it seems the fix works 100%. Ps. I saw this comment at Chuwi forum today: LucboucimYesterday 18:34 I did a fresh install of android (recover mode) with 8GB partition and the table does not freeze anymore. If I flash with android and a 32 GB partition then it will freeze. So may be the freez proble is a memory problem I will try this too but on my second vi10plus...
  12. [emoji4] If it was only up to Chuwi, all hope was lost by now. But its not easy when we do not know what is wrong. If there will be something to test i will be happy to do that. Have running Windows for some days and no freezes occured, but it was sluggish experience. I am back to android and take the freezes as they come. I/we can't thank you and yener90 enough for trying to fix these issues.
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