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  1. Hello @KonstaT the link of Gapps is not available to download, error goes out. Can you recover that download of the necessary Gapps to install the Rom? Thank you. Editor: Thursday the 8th and the download seems to work.
  2. I have problems installing Cm12,1 after removing the Windows partition in the Chuwi Vi10 Plus now I always get this error when installing something for twrp, instead when the Tablet had Windows the installation of Cm12,1 came out correctly. Why this error? Have you changed the partition and now gives error? Any idea to solve it? Thank you EDIT SOLVED In twrp in "wipe" select "format data" put "yes" reboots and reopens the twrp and is solved.
  3. Gapps used the default ones in the link of the first comment. And if the installation with the steps of the third thread comment.
  4. Thanks for the new construction, on my Vi10 Plus Tablet perform the clean installation and I have the problem that the central touch button on the screen (Home) does not work, do not have that problem? I mean this button;
  5. Thanks for the Rom, but the Wifi signal is regular sometimes it is cut, hope that in the future can improve this detail. With Remix and Android there was no such problem in the Vi10 Plus I mean.
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