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    Work in marketing, but love all sorts of sports and tech.
  1. Nice that you have that option...the emails I've been receiving so far don't use up too much space which is a help. Also, I found some more information about Got Voice in a TechCrunch feature - Review
  2. Thanks for the info, I'll have to see what I can find. I think I'm going to sign up for the service since it's free and give it a trial run. Anyone else have other recommendations?
  3. I'm considering signing up for a service called GotVoice...has anyone heard about it? Basically it would forward all my mobile phone voicemails to my email inbox. Makes it easier to automatically check my messages during the day, while my phone is off. And seems like a good way to cut back on mobile minute charges. Any feedback about these services?
  4. ShaneBoyd


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been around here a while but never really did so. So, hello. I work in marketing and hopefully will have some fun stuff I can share from time to time. I look forward to being around here more often as well. Thanks.
  5. ShaneBoyd

    VoIP in US

    Does anyone here know much about VoIP in the US? I am currently using SunRocket and wondered if any others around Modaco had any opions or thoughts about VoIP in the States.
  6. I have a TomTom GO 700, which is a standalone device, but I like it a lot. I think TomTom has great software.
  7. Have you all tried contacting TomTom customer support about the BT connection?
  8. Sorry, no help, but I just wanted to note that I really like the TomTom software. I've been looking at the GO products recently, both the 300 and 700 and am trying to decide between the two. I like what TomTom offers though.
  9. Gotcha. I like the hands free BT of the 700, but am not really sure I need it and am considering the 300 b/c of price. What would you recommend to someone on an average budget?
  10. You guys really like the 500? I've been looking at both the 300 and 700, trying to decide between the two. The hands free BT on the 700 looks preety good, IMO.
  11. ShaneBoyd

    TomTom GO

    Thanks so much for your advice. I am right now leaning towards the 300 because it is cheaper. However, I am still tring to make up my mind. I will be traveling primarily in the US but hope to use it in Europe at some point soon. What do you use and how does it compare?
  12. This was one of my favorites. I really like how it setup the last book to be Harry finding himself away from Hogwarts.
  13. ShaneBoyd

    TomTom GO

    I've been resaerching both the TomTOm GO 300 and 700 but am focusing on the 700 moreso. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should look for, etc.?
  14. I wish I would have known you all had a Premiership league
  15. I just watched the game last night. AMAZING!!! Stevie G will go down as a legend. So will the rest of the team, but he will lead them.
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