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  1. If we ever want to have the slightest possibility of an Android N rom on any Cherry Trail powered device, please consider signing this petition https://www.change.org/p/lenovo-kernel-source-code-for-lenovo-yoga-book-android-n-7-1-1 , thank you :)
  2. @KonstaT Apparently the kernel source for the Lenovo Yoga Book (X5-Z8550) is available here: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/dk/en/products/TABLETS/YOGA-SERIES/YOGA-BOOK/downloads/DS118515 Under 'Operatins Systems' select 'Android' and the kernel source code .zip is available for download.
  3. @KonstaT just wanted to say thank you very much for the latest update. Everything is working flawlessly. I was wondering about the "long press on capasitive home key" fix - nothing happens when I long press, except for the tablet returning to the home screen. Do you need to activate this in settings? I dirty flashed the latest build, which is probably why nothing happens, but still wanted to ask you. Thanks :)
  4. I'm not surprised you got it to boot :D Didn't know the Tbook 16 Power was running Android 6 out-the-box, but good that you got the blobs from both devices working on cm-13.0. Unfortunately, I don't have enough knowledge to suggest any fancy solutions to the cm-14.1/N blobs problem. Which annoys me, just got to keep studying :)
  5. I hope tank0412 gets his AOSP 7.1.1 x86_64 build to boot on the Mi Pad 2 :) Even with those issues at hand, "will it run" would be interesting to find out, though we're not likely to see a stable build. Whatever you want to do is totally up to you - you're the most experienced developer around these parts.
  6. Let's hear the list of people I "bull around". Tell you what, quit your "bull" around here and focus on the real topic. Your rants are pointless and a waste of time, I provided the source, gave proper credit, been discussing this with KonstaT in different posts and know the community has great interest in Android N for the Atom series. Back on topic. Excited to hear what @KonstaTmakes of it, no matter if it's good or bad news.
  7. Great thanks :) How about "Thanks for sharing this. Let's hope for Android N development for Chuwi tablets".
  8. Yes, I found it over at 4pda (yadi.sk link). https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=798682&st=780#entry65379900 Boot.img is uploaded in the second post. Kernel version (3.14.79) is the same as Chuwi Vi10 Plus (can be seen in the screenshot here https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=798682&st=780#entry65352949). All credits and thanks go to tank0412 (4pda/xda) for requesting the file and the uploader titoff1973 (4pda).
  9. Did I adress you? No. Did I talk about porting? No. I referenced this before, so he knows very well about this. Are "you're going to look into with regards to the Vi10 Plus?" was the question. I want to hear @KonstaT's thoughts on this and answers to this despite what it might be. Not yours, mind your own business.
  10. @KonstaT Lenovo has released the Android N 7.1.1 update for the Yoga Book (Intel Atom x5-Z8550) earlier than planned. It's out now. I don't want to nag you, simply just ask if this is something you're going to look into with regards to the Vi10 Plus?
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