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  1. Hello Adeii, what a good job you do with the roms for this cell phone. I have some questions: 1) Does the Rom work without problems? 2) The battery life is good? 3) No black screen? 4) Is the rom completely fluid? 5) Video playback (hardware decoding) works? I await your answer, the rom looks very good.
  2. Hello adeii, thanks for bringing us this rom. Here I will explain some things: 1) I was testing it on my huawei y300 and everything is excellent but since when you have several hours using the cell phone, the rom starts to freeze opening some application and process to reboot or remove the battery. PS: I do not install gapps because I do not use Google Play. Mostly, I install everything on my own (applications). 2) I have also noticed slowness when playing videos of instagram (stories) and in some cases also in Whatsapp. As for playing videos from the web browser (Brave) and youtube is excellent. But to start with this rom there is a breakthrough, launch future upgrades?, Greetings! PS: Forgive my English, use google translate Here some captures of the applications that I have installed and of the use of ram:
  3. Thanks for replying Adeii, excellent work and I hope you can continue making more rom for this phone.
  4. Hello Adeii! I would like to know if you are going to keep updating this rom? I am always aware of updates. Do you have plans to make a new rom ?. Greetings and I value your efforts to design ROM for this phone! :D
  5. You can try flashing this: FiX Black Screen CM13 J-M.zip SlimLPY300-blackscreen.zip Adeii answered me in previous comments with this: Try to set lockscreen from "swipe" to "none". And / or flash one of these files. Fix black screen ... - delete command "sleep", fix commands "mpdecision" and "sensorservice"; SlimLP ... screen - execute command "stop mpdecision" and set minimal freq. 480MHz for both colors. (Maybe 320Mhz would do the same trick, i would try this first) I think the black screen happens because of this: The problem sometimes happens when you have on the navigation data (2G or 3G). I noticed it, since I only left the wifi activated and the cell phone did not stay off but very rarely stayed on black screen. Anyway, flashing one of the two files (I used the first one).
  6. Is there a way for WhatsApp calls to work? The ROM is excellent and stable.
  7. Hi Adeii I would like to know that such is this ROM Kitkat. 1) Is it stable and does not have constant restarts ?. 2) Does the camera work properly and does not close? 3) Battery life is stable? 4) No problem with video codecs? Sorry for so many questions, I had not noticed about this ROM. Regards!
  8. I have another problem, I tried to put the external memory as internal. I do the formatting from the cell phone and at the end of the process, I get "SD damaged". I have a 4GB Kingston that brought me the cell phone. What would you recommend me to do? NOTE: In the end formatting for internal mode, tells me that the SD card is somewhat slow and that the applications take a while to run.
  9. I already solved the problem, installed in the compilation: lineage-13.0-2017.01.10 I just installed and automatically recognized the sim card!
  10. Ok adeii! I have one small problem... I installed Lineage Os: lineage-13.0-20170111-UNOFFICIAL-u8951.zip and it does not detect the sim card. What could it be?
  11. Great news :D! 1) Is it a new rom? 2) Will you stop updating Lineage OS?
  12. What will you do now adeii? I was looking forward to an update D:
  13. 1) I do not use hibernate applications. 2) I will then wait for a new build to use this rom :D
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