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  1. So, my recovery had gone kaput for no reason. Steps I followed 1 Fastboot to recovery using PC 2. Flashed TWRP/ Wiped cache but still no OS 3. Dirty Flashed OS but again stuck at boot. 4. Formatted Data/System and finally was able to boot to OS
  2. Facing similar issue in Hi10plus . Have been using CM12 for the past 2 months but it started freezing intermittently for the past week, today I rebooted the tab and now it is stuck at boot logo. It is not booting to recovery as well. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi! Have been using this ROM for the past month in my Hi10 Plus Tab without any issues but have been facing issues for the past 3 days with random freeze in Real Racing 3 (Only thing I use my Tab for!). Once it rebooted but the last time around, screen went blank for a second and then displayed infinix Xui in the screen and Tab went back to Home screen (from RR3 game). Any help will be appreciated!
  4. I guess we both ordered at the same time (Z8350 version) around Nov 26th when it was available for $154.99. The tab was shipped on 28th Nov and I had it in my hand by 01st Dec- Quickest I have received from China ever and unheard of, for shipments from China. My tracking http://www.dhl.com/en/express/tracking.shtml?AWB=3730534205&brand=DHL My advise is to close the case and request them to ship it immediately; they will definitely do as last time around I did not pay for DHL but on request, they expedited after I paid them just $8.
  5. I have the latest Hi10 Plus (with Z8350 processor) and loving it. It came with the Remix Rom (as per OP version) and does not have freezing issues. Battery life is way better than Hi10 and lasts almost 2 days for me as against 1 day in Hi10. I mostly use for playing RR3 and light browsing but as i mentioned in other thread, dont like the display. Colors look washed out with more brightness and less contrast (I have Brightness at 0 but it still is brighter than Hi10). Tried many softwares to adjust display but unable to. Also I use All-in-One Gestures for navigation but it doesnt seem to work with Remix! Edit 1: Got it for just $150 last month. Also, didnt go for keyboard as i have KB from Hi10 which apparently fits this (Have not tried it)
  6. Not the right place to ask but are there any app to adjust the display settings. Screen looks washed out in my Hi10 Plus (with Z8350 processor) when compared to Hi10 or even Teclast X98 II Air. Image looks bright with less contrast even after reducing the brightness to 0. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. Great work KonstaT! Seeing the CM Rom, I have ordered Hi10 plus (will receive it by Friday) but am a bit confused. I thought all Hi10 Plus comes with Z8350 processor but from discussion in other thread, looks like Z8350 based Hi10 plus is new version of Tab. Can you pls confirm if I can flash this ROM to Hi10 Plus with Z8350 processor. Thanks and Sorry if this has been answered before. PS: Just a suggestion- Could you please add the config of Tabs for which the Rom is applicable to avoid confusion in future.
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