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  1. Ah yes but how you you get it to type in uppercase? Mine defaults to lowercase all the time after the first button press.
  2. Anyone know how to use uppercase when renaming tomtom mobile 5 favourites on an SPV C500? It's driving me crazy as I'm sure I've done it before but can't figure it out any more! :x
  3. Spoke to Orange about this yesterday and they laughed when I said April delivery... try August :)
  4. Same here, Orange not interested despite my having been a customer for 7 years so from C500 to MDA Vario I go tomorrow! Expect questions.... :)
  5. Anyone out there feel up to producing a webpage with a database of all the HTC phones and the manufacturers variants? I can't keep track of what's what! :)
  6. The sound is probably the radio signal to your phone interfering with your speakers as it connects to the network.
  7. No. If you leave any device in it's USB cradle overnight with no power it will discharge. So you do have to take it out overnight.
  8. Magicians usb is offset to the left side. If the wizards is central it won't fit.
  9. Ghost Dual Sim Holder for C500 http://mobilesdot.co.uk/Orange-Spv-c500-Accessories.asp another one here http://www.m-99.co.uk/Mobile_Phone_Twin_SI...l_and_trip.html
  10. Installed an apple theme I saw here today on my SPV C500 and noticed that it had put a nice new apple image background behind my contacts screen. Trouble is it won't go away if I alter the homescreen. Any ideas how to reset this to the white default background. I can't remember :oops: which homescreen it was either... Any help appreciated! :o
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