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  1. thanks so much. please send it to [email protected] i get a vmail icon but this roaming icon wont go away.
  2. Hi all. I am a current Cingular customer who lives in nyc. **Disclaimer**I have combed endlessly through Modaco, AT+T, Cingular, and Howards forums. I have successfully unlocked my phone and have inserted my 64k cingular sim card. I can make calls + surf the web. However, I can't seem to receive txt messages from other carriers. Also, there is a roaming icon appearing on the top of my. When I go to change networks, only AT+T and T-Mobile show up. how do i fix the txt thing and the roaming issue? I have followed the GPRS and proxy settings according to this site. I question (current settings) start >more>settings>phone>call options> voicemail number: +19084630020 sms service center:+12099042030 and (current settings) start >more>settings>phone>networks> AT+T wireless selection: automatic Can someone help me? Thanks, saul
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