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  1. Thanks very much for the link and look great! But it seems that it is quote risky to merge the "un-allocated" (after removing those Android partitions) to Wndows C drive even with some advanced tool such as EaseUS. I wonder if there is any quick way to download the pure Windows image for Chuwi Vi10 plus and load to my tablet directly. Any suggestion for me?
  2. Hi, what steps I should follow to reinstall my Vi10 plus to use Windows 10 only. Any other post I should refer to
  3. Hi, if my Windows is seriously lack of harddisk space, would I be able to use the space allocated to Android previously to Windows?
  4. Thanks a lot. I found I sometimes could connect to the keyboard now - very funny and trying to understand the patern
  5. I previously installed the pack to fix the freezing program at my Vi10 plus and it worked fine. However I found that no response when plugging the tablet at the chuwi keyboard in both windows and android version - is it something normal?
  6. I have successfully installed the Remix OS at my Vi10 Plus and thanks, But I want to explore how to free some space as I only have 1.4 GB available space now - other take uo 6.2 GB and total is 7.7 GB. Any suggestion/hint for me?
  7. Thanks for your reply indeed. I am downloading but I have another question here - I believe I have installed the TWRP successfully but I failed to boot to that TWRP for the installation. Is there any hint for me? The reason why I asked as I found that I encountered error when running the command "adb reboot recovery" at my Macbook when connecting the device using USB. I have no idea how to fiix
  8. Thanks and I could "disable dm-verify" :) In fact what I want to do is to fix the freezing problem at my Vi10Plus - is it after I have successfully installed the TWRP, I only need to proceed to the installation of the patch only ) And do I need to proceed the "How to restore stock recovery:"? after the installation?
  9. Thanks for your help :) I finally got stuck at the step "Install zip in TWRP" at How to disable dm-verity: I just played with this for the first time and I have no idea what I could do for this - could you tell me what command I should type in etc .... And at this moment, could I turn off the PC and sleep first?
  10. I failed to install the Android SDK tools with error as shown at the screenshot. I failed to run the following two commands at my mac pc too adb reboot bootloader fastboot oem unlock Anything I may be able to do now?
  11. I would like to check what I could do for prerequisities #! if I am using Mac machine? Prerequisites: 1. Download and install Intel Android USB driver (Windows) or setup udev rules (Linux).

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