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  1. Not hearing anything positive from the Chuwi support? No, not a surprise. All I got is two emails telling they are on holiday. This company seriously sucks.
  2. Nice initiative. However, I gave up on asking Chuwi or Microsoft for support. It was a complete waste of time in the past. I also tried to disconnect the battery a while, which I read as a hint somewhere. Did not help either. The only thing I can do right now is to boot Linux residing on an USB stick.
  3. Will not help as something removed the internal address to the eMMC storage so the BIOS cannot "see" it. I already asked on another forum if there's a chance to restore this with the help of a UEFI variable. Got no answer, yet.
  4. By the way, Teclast released a BIOS that solved that problem. Let's hope Chuwi will come out with one as well.
  5. Happened to me, too. Same story: Hi10 pro has no eMMC storage anymore. Chuwi support is not responding. Guess they released a faulty system firmware update, again. They will never learn that. Just another shitty company as Teclast.
  6. Probably only by replacing the speakers. I also have the Hi10 Pro. Same thing. Am thinking of ordering 2 speaker of the LG V10 and build those into the tablet. They sound really good.
  7. Anyway. I now found the problem and a solution: It's the SDcard reader which doesn't really work nicely together with my SanDisk 32GB card. Neither with RemixOS nor with CM 12.1. I also tried a Samsung card, but no luck with that one either. My simple solution is now to use a 32GB USB storage from SanDisk. This one works great. Maybe this also explains the disappearing apps under Remix 2.0 ...?
  8. Hi, I really like this build. Thanks for sharing! However, I experience 3 major issues on my Hi12: 1. My tablet hangs when rebooting, it just stays there with a black screen 2. Often it refuses to wake up from deep sleep. Then I have to hard reset the tablet 3. When having to reset the tablet, RemixOS somehow "forgot" some applications and I have to reinstall them. Strange enough, when looking under /data/app those apps are listed twice or more times. Anyone out here with some hints to solve this?
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