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  1. Did you recognize my post above about SD card problem? I do not know if this solution helps for the battery drain but I will check if it appears in my Hi12 as I changed the driver.
  2. Hi, in windows I disabled energy saving or hybrid mode to be sure that Windows completely shuts down. Before, I had problems that the processor constantly worked and slowed down the performance in Windows. I will also check the Android shutdown with/without power plug.
  3. I also had troubles with SD card on my Hi12, tried different cards and formats. Actually my card is recognised both in Android and Windows. Finally I use Samsung EVO 64GB. I formatted it in exFAT (Standard) and performed full formatting. Standard means 128kb cluster size. In Windows I changed the driver to an older Windows 8 driver Here the link were I found the solution for the Windows SD card problem. https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/reading-sdxc-card/ Until now it works on my Hi12
  4. I cleaned the previous 04.12 ROM with SDMaid and made a Nandroid backup first. Than I flashed the ROM, Hi12 patch and audiolog patch in one go with TWRP and deleted the cash/dalvik. Everything works fine, didn't discover any problem. I thought it might be good to flash the audiolog patch too even if I never had problems with audio before. Thank you for your efforts. Hope my donation helps you to proceed with your work for Chuwi [email protected]
  5. @KonstaT Thank you for the new build. It should be worth a donation for all using it. A question: I already use your build of 04.12 on my Hi12. Is it possible to do an upgrade to the new build without deleting the data? I assume this would mean to do item 3 (wipe system) but not item 4 (factory reset). Would this work? Thank you.
  6. For me it is similar. I connected with Skype name. VoIP is working but it displays "no internet connection". Chat is working too but it was not possible to receive pictures as jpg.
  7. Thank you for this info and all your efforts. If I understood right, my summary about Hi12 and most other Chuwi tablets is that we have to hope that Chuwi is willing and able to disclose the Kernel source code of the tablet(s). With this basis there would be a chance that Android 6 or 7 versions would be published for Chuwi tablets via the Lineage community. For the moment I am fully satisfied with your CM12.1 build but it is good to have some dreams for the future...
  8. I have flashed 12.1-20161204 on my Hi12. Would I receive an update information in CM if a new release would be available as it is an unofficial release? Thanks, @KonstaT
  9. I have the Hi 12, Tried to installiert some bootlogos but they simply didn't work. No problems with sticking CM boot. I do not care about it as it is an excellent CM build thanks to KonstaT.
  10. Thanks @KonstaT for the work on this rom. Hope my small donation helps to further on support Hi 12. Some experience with CM12.1 with Chuwi Hi12: Up to now everything works quite well even the native Keyboard and the Stylus H1. In case I discover some issues I will report. One issue only was that I tried two different boot animations which did not work. Maby thats related to the dual boot configuration but that is just cosmetics and not necessary. A serious issue is that Micro SD does not properly work and often looses connection, this happens with Stock, CM12.1 or Win10, but that is not CM related. I hope that Chuwi will solve that issue as it is practically impossible to move apps to SD on the Hi12. What I liked during flashing was that flashing TWRP did not delete data. Therefore it was possible to do a nandroid backup of the stock rom with all apps before flashing CM.
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