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  1. @Android4Life, Bios is very hardware specific, you should only ever consider flashing exact model, anything else will brick.
  2. Try to flash stock Android with Intel phone flash tool to repartition internal storage, if that doesn't work then probably is hardware failure.
  3. It's known issue, somebody made workaround here: https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/soft-solution-to-disableoverride-touchpad-windows-gestures/
  4. Not really for Chuwi but you can have a look here: https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/resize-android-partition-the-easy-way-for-x98-serie/
  5. I did that with my Hi12, you need to flash stock again with modified gpt.bin file to repartition with increased data size.
  6. Your TWRP wasn't working properly so that would be first step. Did you follow instructions here:
  7. Works, for me. Make sure you have the # on the status bar indicating your terminal was given su rights. I used this terminal emulator: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jackpal.androidterm
  8. I can confirm that although there are 4 usb mount points only the first usb plugged will auto-mount in storage settings. It's not a problem for me, I will only ever use 1 usb drive at a time.
  9. If fully powered down (not just screen off) drain should be negligible (should last for months). Remove power plug before shutting down or it will boot to battery monitor OS so won't be completely off if you latter remove charger cable.
  10. I think it was because my backup only had System and Data partitions so there may have been some incompatible Remix data in one of the smaller partitions that only gets overwritten when install is run. I could try to restore data again but don't really need to as my apps restored from Google cloud. I also have message about ESP partition in TWRP, I don't think it's stopping anything from working but I'm happy to test your TWRP if you get time to do again for Hi12.
  11. I managed to get my Hi12 re-partitioned for full Android using a gpt.bin somebody made for a similar device from here: filesystem:https://mega.nz/persistent/mega/bFYiDTja I reflashed a custom remix folder that had twrp and unlocked boot.img and new gpt.bin using intel phonefashtool. Then in recovery I wiped system and factory reset, then tried to restore my CM12.1 backup of system and data. It seemed to go ok but got stuck on CM animation on first boot into system. I forced powered off then went back into twrp and did another wipe, then did fresh install of CM12.1. After that boot up was normal so I logged into my google account and restored all my apps. Anyway I'm very happy that I now have lots of space on Android data.
  12. There's a lot of reports of microsd card issues on the Chuwi forum related to hardware failure of internal card reader. The same thing happened on my Hi12. Mine was intermittent and it looked like it was working in TWRP but then crashed half way through a backup. I removed card and backed up to USB stick instead. I would really like to repartition my internal storage when I know how as I don't use Windows on this device and android only has 10 GB for data and a broken sdcard. Bluetooth works fine with my headphones, no problems pairing and audio quality great and very low battery consumption.
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