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  1. nico2048

    vi10 plus

    Hello I have put my vi10 in the factory state with android erasing windows and I always have a problem of reboot can you help me.
  2. nico2048

    vi10 plus

    How to remove windows and install only android Under windows it remains less than 1go of the 32. I do not see the android partition thank you in advance for your help
  3. nico2048

    vi10 plus

    Hello I have a vi10 plus with windows and android. Under android the tablet does not stop to plant yet I installed all the version of the forum. Under windows little worries can you help me I am french so sorry for the translation
  4. Hello I have a more dual boot vi10 that permanently plants how to pass it only under android
  5. Hello I have a vi10 plus with android and windows that permanently bug how to remove windows during a reinstallation
  6. Hello Someone you help me because the tablet is very good suaf that it plants permanently. Help please
  7. Hello I am a french user of vi10 plus. I have installed the different rom cm12 lineage remix and I always have problems to reboot the tablet or stops the different aplication android. No reboot freeze. It is a 32go model with android and windows. Under windows I have no or few problems under android this plant every time. By deactivating parameters in the developer tools on the gpu part it is better but it always crashes. I think I have followed all the tuto (still thanks for the work) Model cwi527 vi10 pq32g22160702980
  8. Hello Thanks for the answer I fixed my problem of wifi by changing channel. I have a worry the tablet at certain time stops in one fell swoop this is it already happened to another. Thanks for the help and the work
  9. Hello I am a french user of the vi10plus and I installed cm13 my worries is that my wifi is very slow. Is it normal or is there a solution thank you in advance for your help
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