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  1. Hi, My tablet is F&U ETB 9544 and don't support backup/restore options... Is there any way το make backup and restore my stock rom, or all my system, rom + data?
  2. Please, link for Greece: (Wind) recovery.img? This one does not exist: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35834778/BladeVRecovery/WIN_GR_P825V20V1.0.0B02-recovery.img I have MIUI 4.2.28, how can I flash the stock rom? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Can Someone please upload the latest version of this ROM with greek language? Kalhspera paidia, mhpos mporei kaneis na dosei link ths teleytaias version ayths ths ROM me ellhnika? Exo thn 4.2.28 MIUI ekdosh sto kinhto moy kai exo sthn sd card thn stok rom, pos mporo na th flasaro?
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