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  1. Elenatalo

    HUDL dead?

    I tried another battery but it still not working
  2. Elenatalo

    Urgently! Lost Android Contacts!

    Ended up using this FoneCope data recovery program, and finally recover lost Android contacts.
  3. If the deleted files' internal memory space has not been storing any new downloaded files, you can scan to see that you can recover internal memory on Android phone.
  4. Elenatalo

    Migrating SMS from Android to iOS

    So far Move to iOS does not support Text messages. You can try other data transfer tool to migrate SMS from Android to iOS.
  5. Usually deleting is a soft delete and deleted data are just marked as available storage for new coming data. If it was deleted not a long ago, then there are still chances to get them back. Renewandroid sms recovery android.
  6. If you lost data from your android phone, the first thing, check out the backup, whether you have synced the data to Gmail account, or saved on your pc. Then, you should never add more data to your phone after data loss, cuz they can take up more space, the lost data will be overwritten. Last thing, you can try recovery methods, you can also try professional data recovery program, video recovery for android
  7. You may delete all of the text messages while you just need to delete one of them. Via Renewandroid sms recovery android you can restrieve messages, and other data like contacts, photos, call history, notes.

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