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  1. Also, I had to update through adb from stock recovery as I don't have an SD card. Worked fine though.
  2. Hi, I used this method flash the twrp flashable recovery zip, then use stock recovery to install stock ROM. You must use the matching ROM for the recovery, you can't mix and match. Also if you want to keep root until the update arrives, don't install the small ota update when back on stock, you won't be able to root due to new security patch. :)
  3. Has anyone had any luck getting the su6 to go into fastboot mode ?
  4. Yep, I think that's what has happened :( *facepalm*
  5. Edit! After flashing back to stock ROM, I can't seem to root!! :( once updated to MM I'll try harder. It would be easy if this phone would go into fastboot mode....anyone had any luck with that?? (Fsstboot mode)
  6. I found rooting easy! Temp root with kingroot, download flashify and flash TWRP then install supersu.zip :)
  7. OK, back on stock from Resurrection remix, hope this update comes soon!!
  8. I wonder of any kind soul will begin work on cyanogenmod 13....this is great new non the less!! Thankyou for the info!
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