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  1. Thanks you so much Adeii for your great work on ROMs for y300, I don't have anymore my y300 too. It was very fun to test your ROMs for that old phone, I have learned many things about the world of Android.
  2. Hi Ceaster, it's possible to port TWRP 3.2.1 for Y300? Thanks you so much
  3. Hi Ceastel, I´m going to test this new release of twrp, thanks for your work.
  4. In my phone BS last approximately 2 seconds with screen timeout off or with time set for 60 or 20 seconds. Thanks Ceastel for your great work with TWRP.
  5. Adeii, thanks for your work in this new LOS rom, it work fine, but BS still occurs. I installed cm 13 keyboard fix zip and make all kernel adiutor settings, but BS doesn´t disapears.
  6. Hi Ceastel, yesterday I tested the new TWRP version and I find the following bugs: 1. The recovery clock showed wrong time, for example 2:30 pm it displayed 2:20 pm, this morning I entered in recovery mode again and the time was ok. 2. In terminal mode, reboot command doesn´t works. 3. In reboot menu, when I taped on reboot recovery it booted again but in system mode. 4. When phone is off and I connect charger, the battery charging animation turns center to the right side and viceversa. I don´t know if this is a special effect or a wrong behavior. Thanks for your work and attention.
  7. Hi Ceastel, I have installed the zip recovery and its bootable but it haves the same problem than TWRP, it don´t reboots, then I go to terminal and write su reboot recovery and nothing happens. Its neccesary to pull out battery. The recovery aks me about to install the official TWRP App and I choose not to install then it get freezed. Now i´m flashing my rom again and it did the work. I go again to terminal and write busybox, it´s v1.21.1-jb bionic (2013-07-25) i´m not an specialist and I don´t know how change busybox. Sorry for my English and thanks for your answer.
  8. HI Ceastel, what about to port TWRP 3.1.0-0 for G510 and Y300? Thanks for your reponse.
  9. The only mm rom i have tested that no causes blackscreen is knoellis rr 5.6.9 2016-06-06
  10. Hi adeii, i find an article about the extra partition i asked you, its in: www.howtogeek.com, its name is: Android Nougat´s "Seamless Updates", explained. 1) I want to know in what rom partition are placed Android Security Patches, what name have them? 2) Its possible update your aicp mm 11 build security patch with the one in your LOS build, december patch, if this is possible how we can do it? 3) Can you use RR Nougat for make your y300 Nougat build? Thanks four your attention adeii.
  11. Thanks adeii for your answer, im going to continue using this build and i´ll wait for your next build. Another question, do you think its possible to develop a nougat version for y300, despite its low level hardware specifications? I have read nougat needs phones with an extra storage partition.
  12. Hi adeii, i want to know if its posible to install a modified version of aicp extras in this rom, i´ll like to have traffic meter in status bar and battery charge four level leds like those in your aicp11 mm, i´m not an specialist and i want to have these funcions, if you can help me i appreciate you so much. Thanks.
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