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  1. Patches for Linux 4.12 which on Chuwi Hi12 works sound and touch: https://github.com/kernins/linux-chwhi12
  2. This link is known to me. It seems that I was happy too early: I thought that the Rom made for installation in TWRP. As Phoenix for Tbook 10S.
  3. Great news! Where can download your ROM? I have Chuwi HiBook Pro, will try to do the same...
  4. No. Phoenix = Remix, but more complete. You can look at Bliss: using Rufus to write the Bliss image as a bootable USB-stick, then through USB-hub to connect to your tablet USB-stick and keyboard, turn on the tablet by pressing the key F7 to select the USB-flash drive, then the top line of the "Android-x86 Live CD". Definitely won't work touch, wi-fi etc, so to move the points have with keyboard.
  5. I haven't seen this build, Konsta somehow not created a separate thread and it passed me. But in any case it makes sense to port Phoenix for Tbook 10s - version 1.1.3:
  6. There's a possibility of the Phoenix OS x86 for Teclast Tbook to run. Only one bug - the error appears when calling options "For developers".

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