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  1. It seems this thread is quite dead... There is B580 on stock already. Does it still make sense to use this ROM, which is on 506? What kind of tweaks are there?
  2. Is adoptable storage working fine on this ROM? It didn't work very well on stock 6.0 - apps were crashing, reporting not enough space etc...
  3. Is there any increase in voltage? Why not to make also version for 1.7 GHz (big) + 1.0 GHz (LITTLE) to match Qualcomm's specs and keep power usage lower?
  4. So when can we expect some good custom ROMs, when VF-995N Marshmallow(6.0) Kernel is alrady released on ZTE site?
  5. I tried that, but it seems I am unable to reboot into the bootloader. I have both USB debugging and OEM unlocking enabled. When I do 'adb reboot bootloader' (or select "Reboot bootloader" from Flashify), the phone just reboots and starts the system normally. When I try "fastboot devices" when the phone is started, it doesn't return anything. I am using MM with root and TWRP (upgraded to MM from TWRP as suggested here, not using OTA).
  6. Just to add some info here....I upgraded to Marshmallow with root and system partition seems to be unlocked now - I can write to it and the changes persist after reboot.
  7. I suppose he has stock recovery, as he wants to get TWRP in order to root the phone :) Crickets0812: did you check that the firmware file is downloaded correctly and you can unzip it on your PC?
  8. I guess you need to download firmware ZIP file from ZTE (http://www.ztedevice.com/support), store it to your SD card, restart the phone into recovery and apply the update
  9. Crickets0812: Then you need to go back to Lollipop, install TWRP and install this Marshmallow ZIP file from there
  10. I installed on my VSU6 and it seems to work fine. I didn't do factory reset yet (maybe it won't be needed), just cleared cache & dalvik. Surprisingly entire GUI remains in Czech language as previous ROM, even when there is no option to celect Czech in language settings. Also none of turkish apps got installed, I suppose that would happen after factory reset... In addition, it seems that system partition is no longer locked like in 5.1.1, I can write to it using root and changes persist even after rebooting. I can confirm bugs that are reported also for OTA update are still present (external speakers connected to headphone jack are usually not detected, option to format card as adopted storage is missing). bok27: What do you mean with lang.xml? If I delete it, I will be able to select Czech language in phone settings, instead of having just English, Turkish etc.?
  11. Can this be done also with other than Turkish ROM?
  12. Did anybody try the method that Skirttles adviced? Is it worth updating to 6.0, or I should rather stay on 5.1 ? EDIT: I tried it and it seems to work fine
  13. Is this Marshmallow on Ultra 6 rootable? What is the proper procedure to received the upgrade on a rooted phone? Unroot, flash stock recovery instead of TWRP and just check for updates in the phone?
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