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  1. I have STOCK 5.1.1 rom, BUT THAT IS NOT .CPB FILE TO FLASH IT, its just FULL (f***ing)DUMP from CM2QLM ! What i can do without programmer tool?
  2. I have a bricked device - Coolpad Modena E501. After connecting usb his boots in bootloader, but i can't do anything with that device, becose im not have any roms, or roms with 4.4 cant flashes with error Bootloader is old... His bricked becose i'm installed TWRP from Coolpad Sky E501 Device rooted, OEM unlock in devoloper settings switched on "ON" What do you think, what you can do with this? Y76_I01_FAILED_CELL0_02.01.09.rtf - There is dump file
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