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  1. well, it got fixed by itself. I didn't do anything, I just tried again after flashing stock and suddenly it worked.
  2. This is how it looks when I tried to wipe system. This is a clean android after using Intel Phone, I didn't even installed TWRP - I just used "fastboot boot twrp.img" I used this file: recovery-twrp3020-cht_cr_mrd_w-HibookPro.img
  3. I managed to push the necessary files using adb push, but couldn't flash them (many errors 'unable to mount data\system\storage w-e') The device then wasnt able to even get to recovery (only windows) I managed to fix that using Intel Phone Flash (Back to stock now) - and still want to install CM - but how?
  4. Hey guys, new over here. Got my new HiBook Pro few days ago and wanted to change the stock (horrible) android. I installed TWRP successfully but forgot to place the necessary files in storage before - and now I can't access Android anymore: If I try to boot into Android it just freeze at Chuwi logo. I can access recovery - but when plugging USB I cant move files to the device. Also recovery show 0MB for all the storages...
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