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  1. Davethebrave73

    Coolpad F1 bricked

    Hello moderator, can you please move my tread below to < " http://www.modaco.com/forums/forum/778-coolpad-f1/ " > or any other you think is appropriate ? The sub area where I posted seems to be abandoned... I cannot get any help :(( I'll be very thankful.
  2. Davethebrave73

    Coolpad F1 8297 stucked

    hello !!!! can anyone give me some hope? Dakok ... the last time your suggestions were so helpful to me, pls take a look down below and tell me what else I can do to have the coolpad runin'again
  3. Davethebrave73

    Coolpad F1 8297 stucked

    Hello guys all, I've got 2 Coolpad F1 8297, not the W type, one is stuck again.... The first time it stopped iI tried flashing and get it working butI loose IMEIS and some datas in nvram folder, so no phone anymore.. Now I cannot boot. Recovery mode cannot update from SDcard, I get an error about fixing permissions and installation abort. I don't know if it is rooted and if I need it rooted to get things working.. Nor YGDP or SP flash tools gives any result, no scatter file or images are correct. I think all PCB files I get are for the more common W type and than stop. I have some questions and requests, - can someone link me to correct PBC and images files stock roms for 8297 not W type, I need also stock firmware to replace(I hope) nvram datas and than IMEI. -Is there any other way to flash firmware and stock rom than YGDP, SP Flash T. or the recovery mode actually not working ? some help please... - I have a second F1 perfectly working and rooted, How can get a copy of the firmware and obtain a rom/image to replace on the other one? Links please !! Sorry for my english, My F1 is stuck !! some help please guys

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