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  1. It's a good idea, please address it!
  2. I've bought such a pendrive Sandisk "Dual", and removed junk plastic case encapsulating it. The next step is maybe to cut off the "macro" USB plug somehow?
  3. @modelman, its the hardware issue, the SD card reader in our Chuwis10plus seems to have some techonlogical problem with capacitors - if used continously for few months it gradually detoriates. And vice versa - if not used for several weeks it "repairs itself". Ayways its unreliable. And in general there exists in retail so called "USB SD adapter NANO" for laptops 'big' USB It is so small after putting it into USB socket is nearly invisible. Is there anything like this but for MICRO-USB? This would solve our problem with this fuc...ng SDcard "reader" ;) Ideally it'd be something like this, but this picture is from the Internet, it is probabely FX ;)
  4. And have you tried the two other ROMs: RemixOS and Lineage CM13 too, to compare which one performs best?
  5. And where these amendments to get from? ;) Yet, if anyone could do anything with this wakeup delay (from DeepSleep) it would be brilliant! :)
  6. Is there any possibility to make minimal brightness smaller in Win10 (Chuwi Hi10plus)? In RemixOS or any other custom ROM from this forum the minimal brightness is much lower than in MS Win10. And in Win10 watching screen in the evening is very awkward.
  7. It is so nice you work on it. And anybody would work on this irritating wake up delay too, maybe please?
  8. And these backups with TWRP of system and data proceed extremely fast in our Chuwies! Anyways this bootloop you can repair editing directly the culprit system/data files and libraries from TWRP level. Access them with TWRP's FileManager.
  9. I use Cyanogenmod 12.1/13, Lineage 13 and Remix OS 2, PhoenixOS is too limitfull, and yes in Windows the card is visible without a problem. (Although in the beginning the was a problem in MSwin10, it's interesting why and how it self repaired?)
  10. Yes, in the same tablet Hi10plus, it stays mounted continuously even between reboots. In the very beginning there was the issue with spontaneous SD unmount but it settled by itself. Probably this is just on a fresh system.
  11. Anybody knows why Amplify can't start in this RemixOS? And other Xposed modules work well, Amplify has been installed, activated as module, but after a boot when clicked its ui blinks for split second and stops, again the same.
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