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  1. Are you using the original charger and cable? I had strange issues (Hi12 not turning on) when I was charging using a different (2A) charger.
  2. Thanks for letting me know :( I was really hoping this would work as it's a feature I used a lot with my previous tablet while traveling. Does anyone have any ideas about getting offline downloads to work with Netflix on any Chuwi Vi/Hi* + CM12.1? (Hope that Q isn't too off topic.)
  3. Can anyone running this thread's CM12.1 check to see if the Android Netflix app allows downloading shows for offline viewing? The stock ROM on my Hi12 allows playback of shows on Netflix, but not download for offline viewing (the app settings section for offline download is missing as well). The stock ROM has no Widevine DRM support, so hoping that is the cause and flashing to this CM12.1 will allow download for offline viewing. Thanks
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