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  1. Thanks for the links, but it's all in Chinese. I was able to translate using Chrome, but when trying to install the download client for the CM 13 build (since it's over 300 megs, the site makes you use a download manager provided by them), it is also in Chinese (obviously). I currently don't have a way to translate the text, but at least the scanners on my computer didn't find anything harmful, so I may look into it more if I can find a way to translate the text in the installer. I know I can just look up the translations, but I don't feel like putting to much effort into it right now. If you find any English sites for similar ROMs, feel free to post. Thanks again.
  2. Has anyone read about any custom ROMs being created for the Cube iwork10 Ultimate? I know this isn't the right forum for it, but I've tried like crazy to find one dedicated to the Cube, and the best I could find so far was on xda-developers.com. The only ones there are modified versions of the stock ROM, and nothing else, except a MIUI custom that I'm not to interested in trying out. There's also a forum for it on teclast.com, but the only thing being worked on there is a Remix 2.0 port that hasn't been updated for a week. I realize this may be a crazy question, but what would the chances be on creating a port of either the CM 12.1 or Lineage 13 ROMs? The specs for the Cube iwork10 Ultimate are exactly the same as the Chuwi Hi10 Pro, aside from both speakers being on the right side of the tablet. Again, I know this may be a long shot, but I'm kind of starting to miss Lineage. Sorry if I put this in the wrong place.
  3. As of today, I am no longer the owner of a Chuwi Hi10 Plus tablet. I decided to cut it loose and returned it earlier today after buying an AllDoCube iwork10 Ultimate 2-in-1 on Amazon yesterday. Same configuration as the Hi10 Plus, but with a 10.1" screen and both speakers on the right side of the device. It comes with the keyboard for $199, and so far the reviews for it are looking pretty decent. There're only four so far, but it's just shy of a full five stars. One buyer said the speakers are a little on the quiet side, and another said they sound pretty good, so I guess I'll find out when I get it tomorrow, the anticipation of which is killing me, by the way. Anyway, I just couldn't take the the SD card thing anymore, even though I installed an app that prevents deep sleep. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone here knows of any good forums for the tablet I bought, it'd be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. I think I found a nice alternative to the Chuwi Hi10 Plus/Pro. It's the Cube iwork10 Ultimate. It's laid pretty much just like the Hi10 Pro with the same amount of RAM, storage, and dual boot setup, plus it comes with the keyboard at the same price as the Hi10 Plus on Amazon for $199, or $179 if you don't want the keyboard. Unlike the Hi10 Plus or Pro, it doesn't have USB type C, but it does have a full size USB 3, micro USB 2, micro HDMI, and it can support SD cards up 128 megs. Other differences are the res is the same as the Hi10 Pro, and both speakers are on the right side of the tablet. The body is mostly, if not all, plastic, so it may not dissipate heat as efficiently as the Chuwi. Since I don't really need my SD card in Windows, and I do like the fact the speakers on my current Hi10 Plus are on opposite sides, I may not try to return the tablet after all, especially since I have that Wake Lock app installed. On the bright side, we at least have another option, if you don't mind having both speakers on the same side, that is. I almost forgot to include the link for where you can get the Cube iwork10 Ultimate on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/ALLDOCUBE-iwork10-Ultimate-Convertible-Android/dp/B06XD9DPP2/ref=pd_sbs_147_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XD9DPP2&pd_rd_r=DQ81KHT4D2KP60K50AYR&pd_rd_w=8NxxK&pd_rd_wg=Il858&psc=1&refRID=DQ81KHT4D2KP60K50AYR
  5. I think there are other options out there, but not on Amazon. If Windows and Android aren't showing as available boot options in BIOS, then I'm afraid the data you had on those partitions is gone (believe me, I tried like crazy to get mine to work again. As for the keyboard, it'll only work for the Hi10 Pro.
  6. I actually had the same thing to the Hi10 Pro I had for a while, but was able to get Amazon to let me return it even though it was outside of their 30 day return window. After careful consideration, and a lack of options for a similar setup under a different brand, I got the Hi10 Plus. It's been over three months, I think, and the internal storage is still working, but the SD card reader has been wacky. It'll read the card, but only after removing and reinserting it, sometimes only after several attempts. I get an error in Windows in the card reader properties, and have never been able to get the card to work while on that side, but I don't really have a need for the card there anyway. I was able to find an app that disables deep sleep while in Android, so at least the card will stay mounted there, plus if you're booting from Windows into Android, it the card automatically loads like it's supposed to. The only downside to the app is it does drain your battery a little faster, but not by much, I think. I mentioned the app a few posts back, but it's called Wake Lock - Power Manager. Depending on the battery app you use, you'll see different use statistics, such as in GSam Battery Monitor shows 25.2% battery is being used, but the built-in battery monitor in Android only shows 2%. In either case, it's worth it, at least for me. If you want to use the app, I would recommend turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location if you're not going to be using the tablet for a while to make the battery last longer. You can also install another app called SD Card Monitor, it gives you all kinds of information on your card such as when it was mounted, unmounted, force unmounted, and many other little bits of info. Oh, and I did try flashing the recommended BIOS from Chuwi in the hopes of resolving the issue, but it didn't do squat (no big surprise there). Since I got my Hi10 Plus from Amazon, and chatted up a rep there about my problem with the reader, they said I could still return the device even though it was outside the normal return window, but that was a few weeks ago, so I'm not sure if I can still do it if I wanted to. If I could find another tablet with the same features, I'd be all over it, assuming I could get it for about the same price.
  7. I installed 'Wake Lock' on my Hi10 Plus on Monday, and my SD card hasn't unmounted itself once. I haven't rebooted it since installing the app, but when leaving it alone with the screen off for long periods of time when it would normally kick the card to the curb, it has stayed mounted. Also, even though it uses around 12% battery, it doesn't pose much of drain on the battery. At one point when I had checked the battery life, it was a little over 70% I think, and the battery monitor in Settings said there was still about a day's worth of charge left. Not bad.
  8. Not certain yet, but I think I may have finally found a solution to the SD card issue that many of us have been experiencing. While searching for solutions online, I came across someone on XDA that recommended installing 'Wake Lock PowerManager' and enable 'Partial_Wake_Lock'. If I remember correctly, the setting keeps the processor from going to sleep when you turn off the screen. I've ran two tests so far, one for just under 30 minutes and the most recent one that was just over an hour. In both cases, the card was still mounted when waking the tablet:) I'm currently running a third test just to be thorough, but I think this should work. They also recommended installing this app, 'SD Card Monitor', to monitor your card. It displays how many times your card has been mounted, unmounted, etc. I haven't installed it yet, but I may in the future. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't look like this is going to make the card play nice in Windows, or when you have to reboot. I tried rebooting and selecting Android, but it didn't automatically mount the card. For anyone who has to reboot their tablet for some reason and are going back into whichever Android version they have installed, I'd suggest either using the Advanced Power Menu that's included with the custom ROMs made for these tablets or download one of several apps from the app store that support either 'Soft Reboot' or 'Hot Reboot' (same thing). I personally use 'Reboot Recovery', and it requires 'BusyBox'. Don't let the low rating drive you away, it's always worked pretty for me. Edit: Over 1.5 hours, and the card is still mounted, and the tablet has been unplugged the whole time:) It doesn't look like the app drains the battery, and when checking it's stats in my battery monitor, it uses no resources. The only drain I can see so far is the normal amount from having Wi-Fi on. Edit two: I was incorrect in saying the 'Wake Lock' doesn't use any resources, since I hadn't let it run long enough yet to properly gauge it. It looks like it actually uses around 12% or so, but still not sure how it will affect the battery life on a full charge, since I installed the app after my tablet had been unplugged for several hours before. I should have a better idea after letting it charge, after letting it run down today, of course.
  9. Got a new little boo-boo with my Hi10 Plus. I decided to try Remix 2 again in the hopes that my memory card would play nice and cooperate, but I noticed that the card disappeared as soon as I turned off the screen, instead of after a period of time when running Lineage 13. As annoying as that is, though, I can't even get back into my custom recovery to restore my Lineage backup, due to the intermittent flashing once I am able to boot into it. Plus, the thing hangs on the RemixOS logo when attempting to boot into Remix 2. I think I may have somehow borked my recovery, and will try to either reinstall the one that's currently on there, or see if there's an updated version. Wish me luck. Finally got back into recovery. I think it was my memory card, not sure why. It worked when I reinserted it to restore my Lineage 13 backup. At any rate, little Chuwi is back up and running.
  10. Well, I tried doing a fresh install of Lineage 13 a couple days ago and let the tablet sit overnight before restoring my apps, and the card seemed to stay put. However, once I restored my apps and games it started to do the same thing as on my backed up Lineage 13 from before. When leaving it alone after the initial install, with nothing on it other than the ROM itself and the tablet unplugged, the card stayed mounted. After restoring the apps and games, not so much. It still doesn't show in Windows, but I don't really need access to it there, anyway. Whatever I need external storage for there, I can just use a flash drive. It's a small thing, but an annoying one. I may take yet another look at Amazon to see if there's something comparable, again, since the rep I chatted about this with said they'll let me return the tablet if I wanted to since the card reader is acting wonky.
  11. Developer Options does have a lot of nifty settings, but unfortunately that's not one of them.
  12. I may try that, but I don't have a Samsung card to experiment with at the moment. What ROM are you using? I only know of six that are available for our tablet: Stock, Cyanogenmod 12.1/13, Lineage 13, Remix OS 2, and Phoenix. I've been running Lineage 13, and have a little 20 games installed, all of the big ones are linked to a 8 gig ext4 partition on my SanDisk 32 gig card. Sometimes when I back up apps that have been linked, I run into issues when trying to restore them. If it leads to my card staying mounted, though, it's a small price to pay. I forgot to ask... were you able to get the card to show up in Windows, or is it still playing hide and seek?
  13. Do you still experience the same un-mounting issues most of us have been having, or does it stay mounted even after a reboot? Also, are you using the card in a Hi10 Plus or a different tablet?
  14. Has anyone here had more luck when using a certain type/brand of SD card in their Hi10 Plus, or any other Chuwi tablet? I can't remember the brand of the first I tried, but my current card is a SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB HC I. I chatted with Amazon support, since Amazon is where I got my tablet from, and they're willing to let me return it if it comes to that. I'd really rather not, since the rest of the tablet works fine. Any info regarding compatible cards is helpful, and thanks in advance.
  15. I may be possibly stating the obvious here, but the stock ROM has the same issue with the SD card as everything else I've tried. It even un-mounts the card after a hot reboot, where in Lineage 13 it stays mounted.

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