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  1. HI I am fade up with my standard IP Cameras, Now i am looking for Integrated camera systems because of the following features: Easy Installation, motion detection triggers, sending push notifications for motion alerts, Night Vision and etc. 1). Foscam E1 Wire-Free Home Security Camera System, Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera, Full HD 1080P, Outdoor/Indoor, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Free Cloud Storage plan included. OR 2). Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR Add-on Security Camera, Rechargeable, Wire-Free, 1080p HD, Audio, Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision, VMC4030P, Base Station not Included, Works with Alexa which one you suggest me and why ?
  2. charlesbasil

    Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    I like big phone, this s10 pro, and the display big enough. I can set a mode of bigger word. I can see them clear and comfortable.
  3. charlesbasil

    Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    It’s pretty awesome, a mirror-like phone. How’s they figure out? Expecting more surprising design on this rugged phone.
  4. charlesbasil

    Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    NOMU never do the ordinary thing. For the M6 which qualified with IP68, they mixed water with milk and oil to check it. See how’s it going. Nomu is Going to participate in upcoming The HongKong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition. The event will hold from 18th to 21st April. Nomu will display M6 and Upcoming M8. I am very excited.
  5. charlesbasil

    Uhans i8 with Facial recognition Unlock system. 

    Uhans i8 is one of the cheapest bezel-less smartphones and having all the latest features. Uhans i8 looking awesome and It weighs only 200 grams including the battery. It is also a metal body smartphone.
  6. charlesbasil

    Uhans K5000 IP68 Rugged smartphone

    Very excited to hear the good news, Uhans finally makes a step ahead. It’s not only a big step for Uhans, but also a big step for rugged phone industry. Always have a big faith in Uhans. Believe it can be better in the future.
  7. charlesbasil

    Uhans i8 with Facial recognition Unlock system. 

    Update: a full screen smartphone, UHANS i8 is outstanding no matter for its design or built-in configuration. But there is more, UHANS i8 also performs perfect in playing heavy graphic games.Playing games on UHANS i8, you will not only enjoy the extensive images but also appreciate the smooth operation.
  8. charlesbasil

    Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    NOMU T18, as a rugged phone, is undoubtedly among the best in its category. It features an IP68 waterproof capability, drop-proof and dust-proof capability, and sports a high-profile 5200mAh Li-polymer battery. Among others, it sports a fingerprint sensor, NFC function which lets you enjoy fast free-ticket airport boarding verification, free-card payment, etc. Furthermore, for safety consideration, it comes with an SOS button for emergency calls. And if all of the above is not enough to ignite your interest, the walkie-talkie and external camera function will. Walkie-talkie, just like it sounds, helps you communicate without the need for cellular connection or WiFi and can also connect to traditional walkie-talkie devices too. Also, the external camera can be used to do more interesting things, like recording cycling scenery, splendid mountain scenery, or recording your daily mood if you like. It’s worth mentioning that it is a hands-free design. You can mount it to collar or hat, then you can do any funny things.
  9. charlesbasil

    UHANS MX bezel-less 5.2 Inch News 

    Cheapest triple bezel-less UHANS MX Fingerprint sensor functions: 1. Unlock the screen 2. Screenshot 3. Take photo/video 4. Answer phone call 5. Back to home page. check the video:
  10. charlesbasil

    UHANS Max2: A Decent Phablet for Multimedia

    UHANS Max 2 has a 6.44" 1080P screen and powered by MTK6750T CPU, which is paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. It is truly a huge smartphone with almost metal body. So, it looks premium. The gigantic screen is perfect for playing games, browsing, typing or dealing with split-screen features with the unnoticeable bezels. And there is more, 2 cameras, both on the back and front, it works pretty well under normal light, but the pictures taken in a dim environment is a little bit blurry. With its 4300mAh battery, it can go through 1 days and 8 hours of usage while with the screen on, so it decent for this power-consuming phablet. Due to its Full HD resolution display, it is quite an enjoyable of watching videos. And the signal for GPS navigation works fine while traveling out. Therefore, if you are looking for a massive but budget-friendly smartphone, UHANS Max 2 can be one of the choices.
  11. charlesbasil

    New UHANS A6 MT6580 ARM 1.3GHz quad-core

    Price ? on which online shop offering the device?
  12. charlesbasil

    AGM X1 Dual Camera IP68 smartphone.

    The first Luxurious Rugged Smartphone with 18K Gold Plated. I really like the 18K gold edition and now you can run FLYME OS 6 as well. what do you think ?
  13. charlesbasil

    New Gretel A7 with Samsung Camera

    Currently, Gretel is running a presale for Gretel A7 colorful handset. The A7 comes with 4 different stylish colors: Black, Silver, Yellow, Orange. Black, as the standard version, has the polished nickel plating finishes Gretel logo design at the rear, which make it superior to the rivals! It runs on MT6580A processor, adorning a 4.7 inch JDI curved display , in-cell touch technology and Gorilla Glass tough screen. Gretel A7 is equipped with the 1GB of ROM and 16GB of RAM of memory which can be extended to 32GB, spoting an advanced 8MP Samsung camera sensor at the back and shinning notification led on the front. More features of Gretel A7 can be found on Gretel Official website: http://www.gretel.cc/en/product/a7 Main specs of Gretel A7 smartphone:
  14. charlesbasil

    New Gretel A7 with Samsung Camera

    Gretel A7 has following features according to Leaked information: 1.5GHz dual-core MT6580A processor, 1GB+16GB (extended to 32GB 4.7 inch HD JDI curved display, 8MP Samsung camera with flash light, Android 6.0 ( 7.0 Update in May ), Gorilla Glass Protection, and Dual SIM. It will available in 5 Colors ( Silver, Orange, Yellow, Red, And blue ). Maybe get one for review, what do you think? Only One video available on youtube. For all the latest tech news, stay tuned here!
  15. I Like Gretel A9 because of the cheapest smartphone with full metal body, front fingerprint sensor, 2GB+16GB, 13MP Samsung Camera sensor, 5 inch HD, support 4G, Android 7.0, and Price around $80. After a google search I only found some pictures, but no video review available. after google search I found some snaps and only one video in which OTG function showing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDH65ovI0gE

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