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  1. Hi PaulOBrien, Many thanks for your work to provide tools for Honor 6x. That's just one week that i have my Honor. But, I hope I can make my Honor 6X like stock Android rapidly. At this time, i'm just frustrated because I can't change Dialer. Google Contacts works fine on my phone with the version downloaded from APKMirror. I downloaded Google Phone app 7.0 from APKMirror too, install is ok but when i type a number phone, emui dialer appears. If I try "pm hide com.android.dialer" (I don't know if it's the good name). Do you think that google dialer will be used by default? Same thing for contacts "pm hide com.android.contacts", good idea or not? I come from Windows Phone and all of this is really new. In all of case, thanks again for your website... And sorry for my English...
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