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  1. So I had just recorded a video, and then I noticed a notification - saying something like: share this video with xxxxxx (It was a name of a camping site I was staying at) So any idea why I got a notification suggesting to share a video? I didnt try to share they video beforehand. Could it have something to do with my google account? - Like it had registered where I was, and it wanted to share online for others to see, that might wanted to go to the camping site?I dismissed the notification and went straight to my gallery and deleted the video.Its really annoying me, I have no clue if it was sent or shared online. I checked all google photos, google sharing etc. social media, emails but no sign of me sending the video.Can anybody help me out here, so I can get some clarification
  2. I need to read an old notification on my samsung galaxy s5. I have the notification log, but it doesnt show notifications for that day the notification popped up. any way to recover that notification data?
  3. I tried QuickShortcutMaker and it worked on my Samsung Galaxy S5 - however it only shows notifications for today, and I need to read 1 day older notification - im afraid it doesnt show because I have cleared a lot of space on my phone, just to free up some space, so i think the data is lost. My question: any methode for retrieving old notification data that has been deleted? any ideas, I know it sounds a bit far out
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