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  1. Hello, My dear friends I have the Huawei Honor 6x but I'm looking the tips how to improve battery timing there lots usage of my phone According to This Huawei info the Huawei honor 6x battery capacity 3440 mAh so hope anyone here who help me to improve battery usage of Huawei phone thanks.
  2. I have seen lots of apps for earn money but Tow best Android Applications I have seen In my experience First Watch & Earn - Earn Real Money and second Make Money - Fre Cash App I recommend you use these apps.
  3. Hi, If you're finding the best Android applications for recovery you Android phone Data So, you can download the best Android data recovery application using that app you can recover your images, video, WiFi Password etc. Good Luck
  4. it Not looks like bad I love this I want to buy now anyone can tell me this smartphone price in dollars Please.
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