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  1. Poptel P60 Camera Review Source: Android Authority
  2. IP68 Waterproof and dust-proof As a rugged smartphone, according to the office information, P10 is certified to IP68, a standard that allows it underwater 1.2 meters for 30 minutes to keep the phone from the damage. The unique construction guarantee it can work in a server environment even in temperature-20°C-50°C. Antutu Benchmark Test Result: The performance of P10 on AnTuTu astonished me. Benchmark score 84,180 stands out in most of the same level rugged phones. Geekbench Benchmark Test Result: GPS test As for the GPS, I did some tests, the GPS guiding is good too, it can guide the destination immediately and accurately. Battery life 3,600mAh battery of P10 is less than P family’s P9000 max, but it ’s standby time is quite good for this level phone. Full day’s heavy usage including games, videos, and other activity is absolutely obtainable. What’s more, the phone can work more days than you expected at normal mode but saving battery or other modes. When you do need to charge the device, you won’t have to wait too long though fast charging is not available. Source: XDA Forum
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