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  1. Just out of interest, using the Linux-64 RKTools I flashed my fully working unrooted Hudl with the factory-reset unrooted rom to find they're identical, which is hardly surprising I guess. The relevant file is JDQ39.20140424.153851 size 1,048,156 KB available elsewhere. Note that this file is different to the two stock roms on the main page to be flashed under Windows 7. So a far easier future solution to the Hudl update server disappearing would be to adb sideload a factor-reset Hudl with a file containing all the updates.
  2. Yep, mine is now working so cheers Marc S! Tesco is under no obligation to have the update servers running today since the last Hudls were sold over a year ago, so a main thanks to them.
  3. Yes, it's a problem with there no longer being a Hudl server suppying the updates for a factory reset Hudl. The last Hudl was sold over a year ago and is now out of guarantee, so there isn't a legal requirement for Tesco to maintain the servers today. In a recent thread, user rpt3fois said that the help desk was aware of the problem, and the servers will be back up and running, so there's still hope. Otherwise, the other option is to flash a Hudl with a pre-working Hudl image, but this hasn't worked for me using the images on the first page of this forum. cheers, JMc
  4. I have a Hudl which I've factory reset, and is now in a permanent loop waiting for Hudl updates from a non-existent server to download from. On the main page on this forum, there are stock image files meant to be flashed with the windows 7 tools. I've tried using them with the Rktools-linux tools run on a 64-bit Ubuntu live CD to flash the Hudl, only to find that in both cases the screen has the "powered by Android" permanently displayed, rather than displaying the "Hudl" logo a few seconds after. Thankfully, I managed to flash it back to the Hudl update loop using the system.backup.img so it's clear there isn't anything wrong with the flashing procedure. Any ideas on why it's not working for me? Thanks in advance, JMc
  5. I wouldn't hold my breath for it. The last Hudls were sold a year ago so Tesco doesn't have to have the Hudl servers running today. Stick around and I'll let you know how I've been getting on with finding a solution. But it's been a right pain up to now because this is 2017, and the old threads with the old tools are four years old. JMc
  6. Windows 10 recognizes the Hudl fine, but when I go through the procedure of resetting and holding the up volume at the same time, Windows gives the message: USB device not recognized. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows did not recognize it. I've given up on this and tried to do it from Linux which has been a right pain for the past few days. I kept getting the message that it couldn't run the binary file, eventually finding out that the Rktools are for 64-bit processors, whereas my computer is i686 32 bit. There was a 32 bit RKtool on here, but it's no longer downloadable. So now it looks as if I'm now going to have to complile a 32-bit version by myself. Cheers, JMc
  7. I have a Hudl that I decided to factory reset in the hope of getting it back to its original configuration, and then to reinstall everything. But it's now continually trying to download Hudl updates, making it useless since the server providing the updates probably doesn't exist anymore. The obvious solution left is to send a file to it via "adb sideload hudl.20131016.200812.stock.rktools" command in the abd command shell for Windows. Is this how the file is meant to be used and will it work? Thanks in advance JMc
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