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  1. You're only a customer seeking - and offering - a fix for a product you bought from them, not a newspaper with an audience showing them in a less-than-flattering light. The courtesy of a reply is for others! The brass neck of that response to the Guardian is quite something. Thanks for your efforts, Alistair.
  2. First, so many thanks and a big "well done" to you, Anna, for bringing a shinier light to this. As of this morning I have a working Hudl1 and hope to set it up properly this evening. As for Tesco, perhaps "economical with the truth" is a generous explanation for what can only be an about turn. I guess it takes a newspaper to turn "end of life, bye" into, "we're working on a fix".
  3. Indeed, I'm certain that it is fear of ongoing support that they do not want to pay for, perhaps even the likelihood of people associating them forever with failing Hudl's going forward despite any open-sourcing solution they might allow us. Still galling that I can't even use it as a dumb book reader, photo viewer, etc., only because of it being so inextricably linked with the supplier who are abandoning it without warning.
  4. My first thought on receiving my own "Hudl1 is end of life" response from their social media team. What are they doing that takes a blue age to suggest that they want to help, come up with a technical "solution" that doesn't work (for a device that they knew how to maintain for years), to suddenly discover a business decision to ditch customers? Quite apart from the fact that we have been left with bricked devices because of Tesco's doings or omissions, with no prior warning about no longer being able to do factory resets, to essentially walk away in this manner after the past few months of hinting at being helpful is embarrassingly amateurish. I'll be taking it further.
  5. Thanks for the update, EG With your latest post as a prompt, I've just tried my Hudl1 with the same result. Baby steps...
  6. And I'm going with the assumption that Marc S moved some helpful soul at Tesco to press the right button and make it work again this morning... Good work, Sir! :D
  7. Cheers J - I did wonder whether the old posts would be obsolete by now. I'm loath to try any unofficial solution for now while I have numerous Tesco employees telling me that they are working to solve it, though you might guess my confidence levels on that. Marc - exactly. If there had been any indication that doing something as routine as a software reset would brick the device, I wouldn't have done it. As of this weekend, the tech support pages were still offering troubleshooting advice that will leave people stuck, with no indication of any problems with their servers. Having gone from the first tech support rep telling me that I should be good-to-go within 24 hours, to a third offering the 'wipe cache' option as a possible solution (it wasn't) and being deliberately vague when asked about a timeline for the alleged server work being completed. Having also been blatantly lied to by an Amazon customer "support" rep in the last few days, too, I think I'm done with supposed technical types as a way to get help for now. As you suggest in your complaint, the only thing preventing us from having a working device is Tesco itself. I'll be following your example and writing to them later today.
  8. Hopefully not too off-topic, but I've been trying to do the same thing for my daughter's Hudl 1 for the past few days, getting stuck in an endless loop of checking for updates and being told that the updates server has stopped. I've been on to Tesco tech support live chat and been told, twice, that they are currently working on they are aware of the issue and that it's due to work being done on their "updates server". The first agent assured me that the Hudl would be fine when this work is completed, advising me to try again today when it should have been resolved. It's still not working and another agent has advised that he/she doesn't know when the work will be completed. Not completely confident, but an official line at least.
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