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  1. just posting to confirm, that cab file works wonderfully. once it's run 'messaging:default' is added to the list in notifications and now you can change that annoying little sound to whatever you want or more importantly, just turn the sound off. i did this on the cingular/att 8525 (hermes something or other)
  2. chances are you've already done this, but have you tried charging using the usb data cable. as said earlier, a lot of people have had their phone just suddenly decide it doesn't want to charge anymore. mine did that with traditional chargers but it still charged when i used the usb cable so i was able to keep using it until i got my replacement through the mail. other than that, other people were saying they got stand alone chargers which i guess are cradles you just put the battery in. if you want to open your phone up just for kicks though, have fun with that
  3. the phone does whatever profile is set to do. so if your profile is set to ring loud and vibrate, it'll make the startup sound and vibrate. if you have the phone set on a profile where it doesn't ring and doesn't vibrate the phone won't make any noise or vibrate when it starts up
  4. if you want to play pacman just d/l spvman
  5. i've had a couple of times where my phone doesn't want to turn on. all i do is take the battery out then put it back in, close the cover and it's always good to go.
  6. are you asking how to put other ringtones on your phone or just how to assign a ringtone to a contact? there are plenty of topics about how to make ringtones so i won't bother with that. you can assign each contact their own ringtone just by editing a contact then scrolling down to "custom ringtone" from there just pick the ringtone from the list which will be all the ringtones you have in your sounds folder and that'll be that person's ringtone.
  7. everyone always complains about the low volume on the mpx, and i've encountered this a few times but a few weeks ago i was at an astros game and got a phone call. i'm used to not being able to hear a thing at baseball games with my other phones but i heard the conversation and they heard me just fine. i don't want to give the impression that that's the norm for all phones, but i was definitely impressed.
  8. i'm a firm believer that when something goes wrong, you should just reset the phone. 99% of the time that fixes stuff, so try that if you haven't already
  9. yeah, the one i have is the unlimited with all those text/picture messages. mine's only 20, but that might be a regional thing since i'm in texas. i think it's more expensive in other parts, but 25 sounds about right. like jeffrey said, it's the one most of us have and most of us have it because we hook up to our laptops from time to time. i'm not familiar with the whole compressed/uncompressed access point thing but definitely don't want to give you the impression that you won't get charged for overages if you get the 5MB plan. another difference, i'm almost sure the pda package doesn't come with any text/picture messages. it's strictly the unlimited data. if you want the other stuff you have to buy a seperate package with them
  10. movies on betaplayer run fine for me. personally, i'm really happy with the mpx220
  11. I'm using the data package and use my phone as my modem when I go back home from college for the weekend. It's supposed to be faster than dialup. now, while i haven't used dial up in forever, whether it is or not it's irrelevant. It's still going to be slow if you're used to using high speed internet. it sounds like you're just going to be using it for email mainly though. frankly, for this it works quite well. since text doesn't take a lot of space it works just fine for messaging applications like aim. it's not horrible for sites, but you're def not going to be downloading any videos and graphics heavy pages to take some patience. if you're fine with dialup speeds you should have no problems. another thing, i have the 20 dollar package. there's a thread on here where we discussed the differences with the media packages. a few people use the 40 dollar pda one for some reason or other. no one ever gave any good reasons for it and everyone that has the 20 dollar package said it worked just fine and we haven't gotten any usage charges. hope that helps
  12. here is how my missed calls plug-in looks: Missed Call(s): where it says (picture) you can insert a pic from your home folder for example whatever.gif and that picture will pop up when you have a missed call. As is, the text is fairly big and comes out looking like this... Missed Calls: # where # is however many missed calls you have. depending on the pic, you may want to mess around with the x,y coordinates to put them in a more visible spot. as far as your text looking grey, just change that 6 character color value. if you do a google search for something like "html color values" you'll find a table with color values. if you want to make it bigger or smaller, just change the font size value. if you don't want the missed calls text to wrap then just remove the width (w="70") command. just screw around with it for a while and look at the coding in other homescreens when you see something you like and you should be able to set it up exactly like you want it. just last week i didn't know a thing about homescreens.
  13. what ever hap'd with this? I don't necessarily want the one that was being worked on but if anyone does know where I can find some baseball homescreens that'd be great
  14. alright, instead of changing the color of the outside font (which can't be done to the best of my knowledge) does anyone know of a way to just remove it entirely so that you just see the picture
  15. Does your bank not offer a check card? in the US you can get a Visa that takes the money right out of your account but can still be used wherever credit cards are accepted. i gotta think you can get something like that in holland too
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