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  1. Its seems Tesco has fixed the problem. All my Hudls up & running. I would like more information on the problem they have resolved & will the problem happen again? I got this email from Tesco. "Hi Marc, Thanks for getting in touch, I'm sorry to hear you were having the update issue after the resetting your hudl. The issue has now been resolved, if you reset your hudl again it will now update correctly. When your device is powered off, press and hold the power and volume up buttons for 45 seconds. You should then see the Android logo followed by the Android system recovery screen, you can navigate the list using the volume up and down buttons, use the power to select. Navigate to "Wipe data/Factory reset" On the next screen navigate to "Delete all user data" Then select "Reboot system now" If there is anything else I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards"
  2. Tried many times on Windows 10, as far as i can tell it simply does not work but i had a Windows 7 installation on a laptop so used that instead and the drivers work perfectly. About bypassing the standard questions i did find the tabbiedroid rom seem to work by bypassing the hudl questions but failed on updating google apps
  3. I have had this problem for the past week. not much information on this except from this forum. I am not amused by Tesco doing this, basically bricking our Hudls without any kind of notification on what they planned to do. I have sent this message to Tesco. "Why has Tesco appear to have prevented factory reinstalled hudls from working when i felt my tablet was running slow i did a factory reinstall? I cannot get past the tesco update page so i can use my tablet as normal, i have had this problem for over a week now. I believe you(Tesco) have damaged a item i paid for and belongs to me. Please either sort this problem out asap or give me full refund of £99 (what i paid when i bought the hudl) so i can purchase a item that will not be destroyed by the manufacturer."
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